Super Sophisticated Tips on How to Measure Kitchen Sink Plumbing Rough In Dimensions

Super Sophisticated Tips on How to Measure Kitchen Sink Plumbing Rough In Dimensions

Are you going to change your kitchen interior? Especially the sink or sink plumbing rough-in? If you intend to replace the kitchen plumbing rough-in, you should select the perfect matches rough in stuff. Otherwise, the change will not work. In this case, you need to know the sink plumbing rough-in measurements. 

Changing the older sink plumbing for installing a new one will be easy. Most of the peoples are looking for how to measure kitchen sink plumbing rough in dimensions. However, this article will help you by elaborately describing how you should go through the parts. So, do not skip even a single word to read.

Sophisticated tips for how to measure kitchen sink plumbing rough in dimensions:

Before we start discussing how to measure kitchen sink plumbing rough in dimensions, there is something to clarify for my new readers. If you have a new apartment where you are going to move and decorate your kitchen, some of the advanced considerations are for you. 

Oh! Don’t forget to have a screw tool and a tape to measure and a notepad or pen and paper to write when necessary. So, get ready with your tools! Things To Keep In Mind While Measuring Kitchen Sink Plumbing Rough In Dimensions. If you are new in an apartment, you may not face any trouble selecting a sink plumbing rough-in. 

kitchen sink plumbing rough in dimensions

However, you have to guess a dimension and pick any designs that sink rough-in in that time. It will suit your kitchen. However, if you are interested in changing them, you have to measure them to fit with the older one’s place properly. We all bother to waste our money by buying useless stuff. Therefore, you have to keep in mind some essential things:

  • Measure the outer part’s length and width of the sink with tape. Because sometimes the rough-in system depends on the kitchen sink’s size and shapes. If it is rectangular shaped and made by still, you have to count the length and width. But if it is made of stone or marble, there will be another consideration. 
  • Write down the measurements in a notepad.
  • Measure the inner length and wide shape of the sink. 
  • You should measure the sink’s plumbing with tape; make sure you do it carefully because pipes, valves, and plumbing fixtures are round shaped. That’s why you also need to count it circular. 

Steps to follow:

Some systematic approaches are there to follow.  


sink plumbing rough in dimensions

Step-1: Cleaning the sink and pipes 

First of all, you should clean the sink and pipes that are associated with the sink. Because when you assess the dimension, you should hold it with your hands. So I think it won’t be nice when you grab it messily. It is natural to be massy the pipelines while the sink is using. To clean it:

  • Pour a lot of water mixed with soda or cleaning powder.
  • Scrape the sink with cleaning soda thoroughly. Then again, pour water to complete washing. 
  • When the sink is clean, now you should pour clean water through pipelines so that lines will be clear. 

These are mandatory. Because then you have to grab the lines with your hands. So clean and clear things may not occur in any distressing situation, and sometimes it doesn’t smell nice. It won’t mess up your kitchen floor with grubby liquid or water when you open them. 

Step-2: Turn Off the Plumbing

In this part, you should know of all the plumbing connections with a more extensive water pipeline first. Because, without closing the connections, you cannot open the joints of your sink plumbing; otherwise, the kitchen floor will be massy. Turn them off one by one, and separate the screws with a tool to calculate correctly. Keep them serially.

Step-3: Hold Them in a Straight 

When you finish the plumbing’s putting off, hold the mainline gently and straightly. Bring a tape to measure in inches or centimeters. In terms of line measuring, you should assess the diameter of the line. Then calculate the length of a small line or pipe. Here is another consideration; if the line is thick, remember to measure the inside and outer sides individually. Most importantly, do not forget to measure and write down the height of the main pipe of water under the kitchen sink. Not only the height of this pipe, but you should count the diameter also. 

Step-4: Count the Joints 

Now, at this moment, you need to count the joints, especially the nuts and bolts that you have put off. Count every single nut and bolt so that you measure and identify if there any difference among them. Then make a list, as per your calculation, and buy some new. If you count these, there will not be a chance to be haphazard. In this way, the written chart will help you to choose accurate sizes of nuts and bolts.


So, these are the easiest step to measure your kitchen sink plumbing stuff. You can measure some other things by applying these tricks. But need to remember measurement will be different in terms of rectangular shape and round shape.

To sum up the writing, I must say these are the main critical points about how to measure kitchen sink plumbing rough in dimensions. I’m pretty sure now that you are perfectly able to assess your kitchen sink plumbing rough-in. Organize your kitchen with your dreamy look, and decorate your long-cherished kitchen interior.



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