How to Clean Calcium Buildup in Dishwasher | Only 3 Tricks with Explanation

How to Clean Calcium Buildup in Dishwasher | Only 3 Tricks with Explanation

Do you ever notice that the walls of your dishwasher have white or grayish residue? If yes, then follow these three tips or methods, whatever you say, for removing it. So, read on, don’t miss out on these fantastic tips on how to clean calcium buildup in the dishwasher wisely.

Dishwashers are mainly used to remove dirtiness and scars from your regular kitchenware. Sometimes we use intensive soap and water responsible for a layer of calcium inside of the dishwasher. Again, many households’ water has contained plenty of minerals that cause calcification in your dishwashers and taps. 

Vivid Descriptions on How to Clean Calcium Buildup in Dishwasher 

Clean Calcium Buildup in Dishwasher

Before starting the job of how to clean calcium buildup in the dishwasher, get some advice. First of all, remove all the utensils and dishes from the dishwasher. There are so many methods and hacks are available. But these three methods are easy to do, and the elements are found in your kitchen also. 

  • How to Remove Calcium Buildup in a Dishwasher by Using Vinegar? 

You can remove the calcium or calcified layer from the dishwasher by using vinegar. For this, you have to keep to the below stated steps. These are:

Step-1: You need to gather only two things.

For cleaning the calcification, you need only two things. These are, 

  • One bottle of white vinegar 
  • Drinking a glass or a dishwasher-friendly plastic cup.

Step-2: Take the vinegar into a cup 

First of all, pour two cups of white vinegar into a one-time glass or a plastic cup. If you have a longer tub or a two dishwasher, consider using extra vinegar ounces to the glass. It will ensure the acidity of your tub or dishwasher’s cleaning matters. The stronger your vinegar mixture, the faster your dishwasher’s calcium will remove.

Step-3: Place the vinegar cup on the dishwasher’s bottom rack

After that, place the vinegar cup on the dishwasher’s bottom deck. As you spray vinegar from the top spray arm, it will help to overflow into the dishwasher’s bottom of the tub. It is also creating innovative decalcifying solutions. The dishwasher used to spray these solutions all over the empty tub. In contrast, the answer will help to clean the calcified walls too closely. 

Step-4: Close the Door Of Your Dishwasher And Start To Scrubbed

Close the dishwasher’s door and make sure that it is securely shut down. Then press the button on the “normal” or regular wash cycle. Remember to avoid high-heat and sanitizing ingredients or any extreme hot water during the process. Some dishwashers create vents that allow steam. This stream will flow out of the tub and into the kitchen. 

Step-5: Finally Finish out the Procedure 

Finally, finish out the procedure by starting the washing cycle again. Wait 3-4 minutes to complete the task. Then open the dishwasher’s door and leave it overnight if possible. It will decrease the residual vinegar odors by air out.


Vinegar is a high-potential acid that can ruin your dishwasher if you use it excessively. Use this above trick in a suitable measurement. Apply this trick twice a month instead of a week. Avoid using other chemical products with vinegar such as detergent, soaps, or liquid dishwashers.

  • Use A Baking Soda Mixture As Lime Removal Agents:

You can also clean out the lime from your dishwasher by using baking soda. This trick was easy to do, but you need other piquant agents. So follow these three steps below for doing these tricks.

Calcium Buildup in Dishwasher


Step-1: Make a Baking Soda Mixture 

To make a baking soda mixture, you’ll need only two ingredients. These are, 

  • Baking Soda ( ½-¼ cup),
  • The citric acid ( 1-¼ cup).
  • Lemon essential oil.

Take a plastic cup or plaster wear, then put a 1-¼ cup baking soda on it. Afterward, put a 1-¼ cup of citric acid. Then mix ten drops of lemon juice or lemon essential oil on the mixture. Mix it well and carry it on a plastic spray bottle.

Step-2: Dump the Mixture on Your Dishwasher

Dump the mixture on your dishwasher. Allow it to run throughout the dishwasher for 2-5 minutes. Then pause your overall cleaning cycle. After that, pause your washing cycle. And wait before starting the action for around 2-3 hours.

Step-3: Finish out the Dishwasher Lime Cleaning by Unscrew It 

Now finish out the dishwasher cleaning by unscrewing its fittings. It’s just because you noticed that the lime would remain on the dishwashers. You can unscrew some small screws at the bottom of your dishwasher, then loosen it out. Attach the screw to the top or bottom of your dishwasher. Then remove it with a hose. Then flush it with hot water for some time and get all of the accumulation out. Now, your dishwasher will be ready to work.

  • How to Clean Calcium buildup in Dishwasher by Using CLR Calcium & Lime: 

You can clean the dishwasher by using CLR calcium and lime for removing the calcium from the dishwasher. 

Clean The Dishwasher

Step-1: Collect Two Things for Doing this Task

Collect two things to complete this task. First, you need, 

  • Calcium eradication agents are named CLR calcium, lime, or rust remover.
  • A clean look of warm water.

Step-2: Remove the Dishwashing Rinse Agent and Pour the Mixture

First of all, make a suitable mixture of CLR calcium, lime, or a rust remover. However, remove the dishwashing rinse agent from it. Then take a 1 or 2 cup of CLR calcium/ lime or a rust remover directly into the dishwasher’s bottom. 

Remove glasses, flatware, or utensils from the dishwasher. Try to keep the mixture from running out thoroughly on it. 

Step-3: After Cleaning the Dishwasher Rinse Out with Plain Water

Finally, clean the dishwasher with pure water. You can rinse it thoroughly with hot water for better results. 


I hope now you can quickly conjugate how to clean calcium buildup in the dishwasher. You can use so many natural ingredients and chemicals to remove it. You can use borax, baking soda, lemon juice, tile detergent or vinegar, etc. Lemon juice and vinegar have natural anti-aging ingredients. It will directly clean out the calcium walls from the dishwasher. 

Use gloves or an old spoon for mixing the acid like citric acid, hydrogen-per-oxide, etc. Some people use toothpicks or old toothbrushes to remove the excessive calcium scars from the dishwasher. Remember to clean your dishwasher twice a week for more prolonged use.



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