How to Fix A Bathroom Sink Leak – Try Effective Instructions to Get It Solved

How to Fix A Bathroom Sink Leak – Try Effective Instructions to Get It Solved

You may sometimes hear the sound of dropping water one after another from your bathroom. You must understand either the sink is not tightened correctly or it is a leak. However, if the dropping of water becomes okay after tightening the sink faucet, then it is all right. But if you see that it is not working, then definitely it is a leak. To solve the leak problem, you need to know how to fix a bathroom sink leak properly. 

This well-organized article will teach you how to fix it by yourself after finishing this whole article. Consequently, you need not pay for hiring an extra man. This article is designed to explain this matter. Let’s study the entire article for a clear understanding.

How To Fix A Bathroom Sink Leak with some easiest ways?


The reason behind the leak of the bathroom sink tends to be an inferior piping line, loose plumbing, or drain flange.

Firstly, identify where the leak is situated if you want to learn how to fix a bathroom sink leak. Without determining the leak, you cannot fix the problem. And guess how you can repair the leak. I’m placing some approaches below to identify the location of the leak.

Method-1: Find Out The Source Of Leak

To find out the source, you have to have a close inspection of the sink. First, you can switch off all the connections to the sink. Next, let the sink become empty and dry. Then you can do your check correctly. After allowing the sink to dry, you should run some water through the sink to identify the leak’s source. 

Most probably, the leaks can be seen in the water supply or p-trap or sink drain connections.

Moreover, I am describing some methods to fix individual joint leaks below. These will be going to help you understand how to deal with a particular location’s leak. So keep your eyes on it.   

Method-2: Fix The Leak of the sink


So, if you experiment where the leak is and find your result, I appreciate it. For example, you may have found a leak in-between the nuts of the sink stopper. In addition, tightening the fixture is the best solution. If tightening isn’t allowed, then you may need to change it. It becomes older, and that is why it is leaked.

You can try to tape the leak with scotch tape. Use a wrench to tighten it. After tightening it, run water through it to check the leak. Turn on the sink and experiment with your work. Then move forward.   

Method-3: Fix The Drain Pipe

As I said, if you get your problem coming from the lousy drain pipe, you may need to change it whole. It is very tricky to find out the leakage in the drain pipeline, yet if you can find out where the problem is, you can replace it with confidence. To change the drain pipeline, you should shut off all the water connections in your apartment. 


Now disconnect the sinks from the drainpipe. And then, remove the drain assembly carefully from the sink cabinet. First, however, purchase some stuff that matches your drain pipeline. Make sure to the perfect size. If you do not know the size, take help from the shopkeepers or an expert. I think it will be better if you go to the shop after learning the drain dimension. 

If you do not know, learn on the internet about how to measure the size of it. Then purchase them and bring them into your apartment. Replace the drainpipe as like how you opened it. If you need, you can hire someone to assist you. Finally, change the whole drain pipeline; make sure to join correctly. Your problem is almost solved now. 

Yet, check once by supplying water. After checking it, if you find it does not leak any water drop, then be relaxed. But, if there is a leak, do tighten it. 

Method-4: Fix The Loose Pipe Connection

If you find the water drop is coming from the pipe connection. You can fix it here. It will be the most accessible matter. But, first, you can tighten the joints. To secure the pipe join, you can use channel lock pliers or a pipe wrench. By using this, you can tighten them to counter clocks. Then it will be okay. 

Method-5: Fix The Problem Of Drain Flanges to solve bathroom sink leak

Drain flange

Moreover, except for those significant matters, you can find the problems from drain flanges. Then, you can fix the flanges, as like setting the drain pipeline connections. The primary steps are mostly the same, especially the term of changing the drain flanges.

 But if the leak is thin and you can fix it by using a plumber’s putty. First, prepare some plumbing putty to make ready for use. What you should do is, roll a tiny ball of plumbers putty with your hand. You can use your hand’s palm to roll them smoothly. Make them a form of light rope. Then, set the plumber putty’s string on the leak. Press them gently to set perfectly. 

Then unite the nuts and stoppers, whatever you opened before. Now let them dry, and have a check as previous information.

Method-6: Fix bathroom sink leak with plumber’s tape

When you find the leak is visual and easy to locate, you can fix the leak there without any hassle. If you see the leak is in a direct pipeline, then you can just wrap it up. But, if the leak is not on a straight channel, you need to open the joints or nuts.

Plumbers-tape Then, let them slip, and the nuts become dry. Now apply the plumber’s tape around the threads of the slip nut. There is a proper use of groove pliers to tighten the stopper nut after taping. Now install the slip nuts in order, how you opened them. Use a wrench to fix the nut as before it was. Then turn on the pipeline’s water connection. Again, check it as before. 

It is very crucial to check after fixing any leak or connection problem. Because if you do not check your work, you cannot be sure if your action is successful. These are the ways of fixing a sink leak. You may be able to do that without the help of experts. The main tricky point is to find out the position of the leak and take action against the problem.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

  • Why is the underneath of my bathroom sink leaking?


If you see your bathroom sink has a leak underneath, then the possible cause is a bad drain pipe. It can be a loose drain flange or a loose pipe link. However, inspect closely to determine the leak source and take action according to the source. In addition, you can replace the defective sink faucet, or you can fix the leak by following instructions as mentioned earlier.  

  • Can I use plumbers putty on the sink drain?


A moldable, soft binder plumbers putty is put together for utilize in binding sewage pipes, bathroom fixtures and water pipes. The plumbers putty is necessary mainly in installing the bathroom sink drain. That provides a leak-free sealing that stands for years.

  • What’s the best way to find a leak under the bathroom sink?


Determine the bathroom sink underneath by following the below tips. Firstly, pour water to fill the sink. Secondly, look underneath the sink if it drains water. Now find out if any leak is around the drain pipe’s slip joints. Try to hand-tighten the joint nuts to fix the leakage. However, you may need to detach the joints to put new joint seals.

  • Plumbers putty vs silicone – which one is better?


Plumber’s putty vs silicone both are sealing agents formulated to ensure a leakage-free fit for sink strainers, pop up drains, showers, undersides of fittings, and drains. Plumber’s putty is a common sealing compound. On the other hand, silicone caulking is an advanced sealing agent. So, you can put either one to do the task effectively. 


Experiencing the leakage of the bathroom sink is truly horrible. To sum up the explanation, I would say follow the whole process of this article on how to fix a bathroom sink leak and fix the issue. After studying this article, we know you will be able to determine the leak and solve the problem. 

A bathroom sink leak can cause massive trouble in your well organized daily routine. Do fix the leakage by yourself and lead a confident and happy life. Be an experienced one, and have a good day. Also, you may enjoy your daily activity without inspecting the sink cabinet or other stuff on a daily basis.  


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