How Much Does Lowes Charge to Install a Kitchen Sink? Basic Information for You

How Much Does Lowes Charge to Install a Kitchen Sink? Basic Information for You

Let’s say you’re having issues with your kitchen sink. Unfortunately, the model is also quite old. Thus, you’ve chosen to replace your old model with a new one. You’ve probably heard of Lowes and its services. Maybe you are keen to know “how much does Lowes charge to install a kitchen sink.” This post will provide you with fundamental knowledge on Lowes at a minimal price. 

Many people believe that the kitchen is the heart of every home. The kitchen is where our family members gather for breakfast and dinner in the morning and evening. As a result, it is critical. Yet, most people don’t realize that a sink is at the core of every kitchen. Moreover, it is impossible to make meals without using a kitchen sink. We have to wash the food items & everyday dishes in the sink. As a result, a kitchen sink is essential. 

About the Brand Lowes:

Lowes, an American retail company, was founded on March 25, 1921. The name of the founder is Lucius Smith Lowe. Moreover, the headquarters is situated in Mooresville, North Carolina, United States. Their business specializes in home improvement. As the second-largest hardware chain, they also have other businesses in the USA. 

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Some Home Services Provided by Lowes: 

Here are some examples of home services provided by Lowes- 

# Appliances 

# Attic Ladders 

# Awnings

# Backsplashes 

# Blinds, Shades and Shutters 


# Cabinets 

# Carpets 

# Countertops

# Decking 

# Dishwashers

# Doors

# Evaporative Coolers

# Fencing 

# Garage Doors and Garage Door Openers 

# Garbage Disposals 

# Gutters 

# Hardwood Flooring 

# Heating and Air Conditioning

# Laminate Flooring 

# Lighting and Ceiling Fans

# Playsets 

# Roofing 

# Sheds 

# Shower Doors

# Siding 

# Sinks and Faucets 

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# Smart Home

# Standby Generators 

# Tile Flooring

 # Toilets 

# Vanities 

# Vinyl Flooring 

# Washers and Dryers 

# Water Heaters 

# Water Softeners 

# Window A/C Units

# Windows 

How Much Does Lowes Charge to Install a Kitchen Sink? 

Lowes helps with any installation project, big or small. For example, to install a kitchen sink, the charge of Lowes varies with site conditions and options. As a result the cost also depends on the condition of the location of the sink, pipes, and the type of faucet. In addition, they give back-up with both product and labor warranties with their professional installation. 

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The lowest charge provided by Lowes to install a kitchen sink is $298. Moreover, the highest cost is $538 for kitchen sink installation. Yet, you can get kitchen sink replacement service from local professional independent installers. 

Which factors are significant to determine Lowes kitchen sink installation cost? 

The kitchen sink replacement or installation cost depends on the labor cost. Primarily, it is the most important consideration.


Replacing a sink is a challenging undertaking. It’s a time-consuming procedure that is suitable to be performed by a professional plumber. And we’re all aware of how much a qualified plumber asks for their services. 

Depending on the amount of labor done, plumbers can charge between $200 and $800. On the other hand, the typical cost is between $250 and $600 across the country. So, in the back of your mind, calculate that you’ll have to pay around $250 for installation. The second significant expense is the cost of the sink itself.


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Different sink types are available on the market, which differs from price to quality. As a result, if you want a high-quality kitchen sink, be ready to spend lots of money. Moreover, a high-quality sink coupled with a high-quality kitchen faucet will cost between $800 and $1,400. Sink & faucet combinations that cost over $2,500 are available. For most households, these are excessive. 

Cost to install a kitchen sink and faucet replacement?

A plumber can install a kitchen faucet in 1 to 3 hours. Plumbers typically charge between $45 and $200 per hour, with the majority charging around $90. A monobloc faucet installation takes approximately an hour. 


The Steps to Install a Kitchen Sink: 

When you come to know about the careful steps of installing a new kitchen sink provided by Lowes, then you will have a far better idea of their charges. An independent installer follows the following steps to install a kitchen sink. 


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Step-1: First, he will remove your old sink. Step-2: Then, he will unpack and observe your new sink. 

Step-3: He will install and secure the new sink to the existing plumbing at this stage. 

Step-4: If both fixtures (sink and faucet) are purchased together, he will connect the new sink to a new faucet. 

Step-5: To ensure they will work properly, he will test the new fixtures. (Sink and faucet) 

Step-6: At last, he will clean up the job-related materials and take with him the old fixtures. 


So these are all the steps. Each step is handled by the installer very carefully, correctly, and skillfully. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): 

  • How long does it take to install a Lowes kitchen sink? 

Ans: It takes between 2 and 3 hours to install a kitchen sink by Lowes. 

  • Why should I prefer the Lowes brand to install my kitchen sink? 

Ans: Lowes can help you to install the best sink and faucet. Because they have-

> Product expertise to answer any of your questions.

> One-year labor warranty. > Professional independent installers.

> Special financing system to fit your budget. 

  • What does Lowes mention about the warranties? 

Ans: Lowes provides both product and labor warranties. The duration is one year. 

  • Besides kitchen sinks, does Lowes install any other sinks? 

Ans: Yes. Besides kitchen sinks and faucets, Lowes install other sinks like a pedestal sink, bathroom sink, drain sink, etc. 

  • How can I contact independent installers of Lowes to install my kitchen sink? 

Ans: You can email at You can also call at the numbers: 1-800-813-7613,


  • Are the home services of Lowes brand budget-friendly? 

Ans: Yes. The home services of the Lowes brand are satisfactory and also budget-friendly. 


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Final Verdict 

When it comes to sink replacement or installation, the labor cost is frequently the most significant factor. In addition, the replacement of a sink is not easy, even for a professional. It’s a labor-intensive technique that can be completed flawlessly only by a qualified plumber. And we all know how much an eligible plumber charges for their work. 

You have some ideas on “how much does Lowes charge to install a kitchen sink” from this article now. Moreover, lowes’ products come with a reasonable price and the best quality services. So hurry up and contact your nearby installer to install a new kitchen sink! I wish you all the best. 



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