How To Hang A Surfboard On A Wall?

How To Hang A Surfboard On A Wall?

Surfing is fun and brings us great joy in the water. But it is troublesome to find a suitable place to hang it. It becomes annoying if you have a smaller room to store it. Moreover, a surfboard can block one-third of a small space while keeping it. That’s why hanging a surfboard on a wall is the most brilliant idea for storage. So, here we are to guide you on how to hang a surfboard on a wall. 

If you hang your surfboard on a wall, it will save a lot of space. Similarly, it can be a beautiful home decor option while not in action. First, read this article thoroughly to know how to do this task differently. Then, let’s jump into further details. 

Choose a suitable surfboard wall rack:

Surfboard wall racks can be of different types. Always choose the proper surfboard rack type as per your surfboard type. Get a single place holder to the surfboard wall rack to hang one surfboard only. Otherwise, choose a surfboard rack with multiple placeholders to hang various boards.

Surfboard wall racks are available in different designs to display your surfboard. Make sure your desired wall rack arms are at least 30 inches away for multiple boards. In addition to providing maximum protection, choose rubber rounded wall rack arms. It will keep your surfboard safe for a long time. 

DIY surfboard rack

Check on different e-commerce websites like Amazon, Alibaba, Walmart for a proper surfboard design.

How to mount a surfboard on a wall vertically?

You can mount your surfboard on a wall in two different ways. Either hang your surfboard vertically or horizontally. That depends on your choice. Let me discuss a step-by-step guide to make your surfboard mounting easy. Moreover, you will be able to install a surfboard wall rack by following these instructions. 

Vertical surfboard wall rack

But don’t forget to remember the manufacturing manual. Hang a surfboard on a wall vertically after installing the wall rack. 

Vertical Surfboard Wall Rack:

Step-1: Find the surfboard mounting spot on a wall.

To begin, use a stud finder to pinpoint the exact location of the wall stud. And make a mark in the center of the circle. Then line up a piece of scotch tape with the center spot. Next, measure the wall to the appropriate height for the surfboard’s bottom. Now draw a line with a marker.

Step-2: Drill pilot holes on the wall

In this step, place an acrylic anchor precisely on top of the existing point. Hold a spirit level right beneath the anchor as well. Now mark the screw holes after adjusting to a specified level. Then disconnect the base and make pilot holes in the designated area. And place the anchor in its original location. Finally, tighten it with the necessary wall mounting hardware.

Step-3: Determine the top anchor.

Let’s determine the top anchor point. First, calculate the distance between the bottom anchor and the top anchor’s impact point. Then put a mark where the board’s tip would plunge into the deck.

Step-4: Make an alignment between the top anchor and the bottom anchor.

It’s time to take your marker and leave a mark on the spot. Use your self-leveling laser to align the bottom and top marks. When everything is lined up, place your top anchor where the arms meet the mark. Finally, confirm that the anchor’s center is set on the point.

Step-5: Mark the screw hole and drill.

Now you have to mark the screw holes by using a drill machine. First, place the center in the proper place. It will keep the arms in a straight line. Second, to make sure you’re at the right spot, hold the top anchor. Then disconnect the anchor and re-mark the screw hole. 

In addition, attach the mounting kit by drilling pilot holes. Again, a drilling machine will make it easy. And get ready to install your surfboard up on the wall.

Step-6: Install the surfboard.

First, you must lift your surfboard up from the tail to hang it vertically. Then, you’ll either arrange your wall rack with the bottom facing a wall or the ends towards the wall, based on how it’s set up. It’s all set if you place it the way it’s meant to be.

Horizontal surfboard wall mount:

The surfboard wall rack horizontally mounting process is relatively easy. It is your probable solution for “how to hang a surfboard on a wall.” You can find some steps similar to the vertical surfboard wall rack. Let’s give a read on the steps of mounting your surfboard wall rack horizontally.

Horizontal surfboard wall rack

To begin, first, measure the distance between the locations on your board. And it should be the space where you want your rack to contact. Then calculate the points with your measuring tape. Generally, the points should be placed just where the board curves.

After that, you’ll need to utilize a stud locator to spot the location of the wall stud. Take a measuring tape to mark the stud. Do it from the wall to the expected bottom rack to be placed.

Now let’s use a self-leveling laser to match up the mark. Utilize your tape measure to get to the exact point. First, find where to calculate the distance between the racks.

It is time to mark the laser line for the installation point.

In addition, take the wall rack and place it with the first mark at the bottom. Note the screw holes and drill holes on the spot to set the unit. And fasten it to the wall after that. Repeat the process while proceeding to the other rack.

You have installed your surfboard wall rack horizontally. Now it’s time to hang your surfboard on it. First, position your surfboard back on the wall rack horizontally. Thus, enjoy the free space.

Freestanding surfboard rack:

You can buy or make a freestanding surfboard rack for easy storage. If you dislike making holes on the wall, it is for you. In addition, a freestanding surfboard rack can come with a single or multiple slots. So, it can be the best fit whether you have one board or three, four boards.

Freestanding surfboard rack

The soft, smooth surface keeps your surfboard damage-free while not in use. Place a freestanding surfboard rack on any side of your place. It will successfully store your surfboard while freeing a lot of space. 

DIY Surfboard Wall Mount:

If you don’t have a sufficient budget to buy a surfboard wall rack, create it. Save some dollars and make a surfboard wall rack by yourself. First, arrange some wood pieces, brackets, wood strips, screws, and some equipment. Now proceed to make a surfboard wall rack. 

DIY surfboard rack

Steps to follow:

Step-1: Measure the length and width of your brackets and cut the wood accordingly. Dot the brackets space on the wood to screw them in.

Step-2: Put the wood piece with brackets on the mark. Now screw it into the wall studs. 

Step-3: Place Wood strips on each bracket and secure with wood screws.

Step-4: Wrap some foam around your surfboard to keep it damage-free from the wood.

Step-5: Cover the floor with a rubber mat to stabilize the surfboard.

Step-6: Install eye hooks in your walls and wrap your surfboards with a bungee cord. It will provide extra security to keep them safe.

Installing Your Surfboard Wall Rack:

Suppose you have bought a wall rack to store your surfboards. A surfboard wall rack is the best option to store boards while not in use. Thus, follow the below guide to mount your horizontal surfboard wall rack.

  • Unpack your surfboard wall rack parts. 
  • Assemble your surfboard wall rack’s arms to the wall rack sides.
  • Drill holes in the wall as required to your surfboard wall rack.
  • Mount your surfboard wall rack and secure it with screws.
  • Double-check the surfboard wall rack to make sure your installation action was successful.

How To Store Surfboards In a Garage?

Storing your surfboard in a garage or other place can be annoying. But, you can make this storage decorative with a surfboard wall rack. In addition, you can buy a horizontal, vertical, freestanding, or another shelf to store your surfboard. 

Mount a surfboard wall rack that you desire by following the included instructions. Then store your board vertically or horizontally on the wall rack. As a result, it will free a considerable space from your garage wall.

Find the Best Surfboard Wall Mounts:

You may be interested in finding the best surfboard wall mounts. That’s why we have tried the three best surfboard wall mounts available now. So please check our actual experience with these wall racks. That will let you make the right decision. 

  1. Ho Stevie Surfboard Wall Mount

Let’s have a look at Ho Stevie Surfboard Wall Mount. It is one of the best minimalist surfboard wall racks available now. Moreover, you can install this wall rack within minutes. Hence, secure the wall hanger with only four heavy-duty screws. 

Its robust aluminum construction with a padded surface ensures stability and safety. In addition to storing your shortboard/ funboard or minimal, it is the best choice for you. The worldwide customer rating is 4.7/5. 

2. Best Marine Kayak Storage Rack

You can consider the Best marine kayak storage rack for its durable construction. It comes with fasteners and straps to provide stability for its users. Yet, the coated steel and nylon materials are suitable for storing watercraft. 

With a 4.8/5 rating, it is ideal for paddleboard, kayak, and surfboard. Thus, you need to make a little installation. And its included screws and instructions guide will make it easy. 

3. StoreYourBoard Metal Surfboard Storage Rack

The StoreYourBoard is our last recommended surfboard wall rack for you. If you have several surfboards to store, then consider it. In addition, it comes with four surfboard storage slots. You can store any size surfboard in it. 

Howover, the adjustable arms let you set the surfboard hanging styles. Its padded rounded storage handles keep your boards safe. Moreover, its alloy steel and metal construction are suitable for heavy-duty performance. This surf board scores 4.6/5 rating worldwide.


It can be challenging to find a spot to store your surfboard in your home. If you don’t have much space, they’ll probably take up half or one-third of it. In addition, they seem to get in the way no matter where you place them. Yet, understanding how to hang a surfboard on a wall comes in handy in crucial situations.

Surfboard wall racks get your board out of your way. They look stunning as wall decorations as well on the wall. Save your time and energy by buying one or making one yourself.


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