What to do with empty space in living room | some smart ideas for you

What to do with empty space in living room | some smart ideas for you

A living room is a central attraction of a house. It’s a common issue that sometimes we have some empty spaces left in this room after decorating the furniture. That makes us uncomfortable. What to do with empty space in living room is a critical question to answer in short? However, this content is the best option for you to know some bright ideas about it.

Filling the empty space will give a gorgeous look to your living room. Let’s proceed to the next portion of this article for further information. 

  • What is a Living Room?

A living room is also called a sitting room, a drawing-room, a front room, or a parlor. It is used for different purposes such as entertaining guests, talking, watching television, etc. 

21 Smart and Stylish Ideas to know what to do with empty space in Living Room:

You can choose and grab any of the following options to decorate your empty living room space. Read the below-stated smart ideas to help you fill your living room’s empty space with ease.

What to do with empty space in living room
  1.   Comfortable Window Seat:

You can create a cozy window seat in your living room. If your house is near the sea or a mountain, it would be an excellent idea to open the window and enjoy the views.

  1.     Tall Indoor Plants:

If your living room receives enough sunlight, then indoor potted plants are a good idea. Put a few tall plants alongside the window, beside the television, or anyplace that looks empty. Regular watering will keep your plants healthy and alive.

  1. Layered Lighting:

Suppose some dark spaces are there in your living room. You can illuminate the dark corners with a layered lighting system. Different types of lamp options are available such as ceiling lamps, floor lamps, wall lamps, etc. You can brighten up the dark empty corners by using these lamps where necessary.

  1.     Room Divider Screen:

A decorative panel screen is a great idea for a wide-open living room. However, it will give you a smaller living room impression. You can place the divider in separate ways. First, place it next to the sofa to sit and watch TV. Second, or put it between the dining room and the living room.

  1.     Reading Corner:

If you’re a bookworm, then you can grab this idea! A mini-library or a reading corner can be created in an empty space. You can add an armchair to read a book or a rocking chair to sit on.

  1.     Oil Paintings:

We usually place oil paintings on the wall of the central part of our living room. But putting the artwork on the corner walls isn’t a bad idea at all. Even if the paintings are oversized for the corner walls, they can still look fabulous.

  1.     Workspace:

Nowadays most of us like to browse the internet or do our office work from home. So, set a workspace in the corner of your empty living room. These few things are enough to decorate the workspace- a small desk or a table, a comfortable chair, a PC or laptop, and a few shelves on the wall to keep some extra stuff.

  1.     Bench Seat:

A bench seat can be considered to fill the unusual wall. You can use a stylish metal seat or a custom-built seat. It’ll perfectly work to add an alternate back seat to relax in the living room corner.

  1.     Area Rug:

If you’ve empty floor space, then area rugs are incredible to fill up space. These are especially good for wooden floors. The open space of your living room can be easily covered by using a couple of matching rugs.

What to do with empty space in living room
  1. Dark Painting:

If your living room is too big, then you can utilize the idea of the dark painting. It’s the opposite in dark colors such as classic blue, mauve, or their combined color. However, both are some suitable colors. The darker color is the best painting option to paint the ceiling & wall. So the top will not look so high as it is.

  1. Family Photos:

You can add your private or family pictures to your empty wall. Then, it would feel more appealing and warmer for the guests. You can add the photos to the window sills and top of the fireplace as well.

    1. Double Furniture:

    You should buy matching ottoman tables to put them side by side in your room. They can be placed side by side in the middle of the room. However, it is suitable when you don’t find tables and chairs large enough to fill up space. You can also place a coffee table beside the ottoman tables. Next, you’ve to add four chairs instead of two chairs.

    1. Hanging Basket:

    To fill up the empty space of your living room, you can install hanging baskets. It would look even cozier.

    1. Antiques:

    Antique showpieces or antique furniture can be a fantastic idea to fill the space of the living room. For example, a beautiful cabinet or a handsome sideboard can be displayed in the spare area of your living room.

    What to do with empty space in living room
    1. Play Corner:

    It’s a good idea for the parents of small children to set up a play corner in the space. A nice set of cubbies will hold the books, bins of toys, and games. A soft rug can be placed where your child can snuggle and play. It would be quieter than the bare floor.

    1. TV Framing:

    Think about framing your TV with shelving instead of mounting it to the wall. It will add extra elegance to the indoor design of your living room.

    1. Mirror:

    You can hang up a large mirror on the empty wall. It will give a visual effect to the room. However, it will fill the corner with a perfect look.

    1. Hammock:

    It would be an uncommon and unexpected idea to place a hammock in the empty corner of a living room! But it will provide a splash of color or a bit of softness to the room.

    1. Chic Table:

    A chic table is one type of triangular table that is used to place plants and lamps. It can add some warmth to a pretty sterile corner.

    1. Wallpaper:

    You can decorate the empty walls with floral wallpapers. That will give an elegant appearance to your living room. However, you can find various suitable wallpaper options available in the market.

    1. Increase your sitting furniture size:

    The next tip is about increasing your sitting furniture size. Add an extra dimension to your sofa or chair to fill extra space. Customize your sitting furniture size to fill the space.

    Now you wonder how you can fill the empty corner of your living room, I know. You don’t need to bother about it. Here, you will learn some unique decoration ideas to fill empty living room corner space. 

    How do you easily fill your living room’s empty corner?

    It can be difficult to fill an empty part of your living room. It can happen if two pieces of furniture are placed at a 90° angle. Make the most of your wall space by arranging furniture in a systematic manner. However, let me now provide you with some specific décor ideas for the living room area.

    In the last section, we explored twenty-one excellent options for filling the vacant space in your living room. Let me now turn my attention to living room corner design ideas.

    What to do with unused living room
    • A rocking chair:
      It will fill an empty corner of one wall with a blanket and a rocking rocker. Visitors or you will now be able to take a quick rest to remove stress.

    • A huge beautiful floor mat: 
      A huge beautiful floor mat:  The floor mat will go well with several masterpiece wall decors.

    • Indoor plants: As previously said, an indoor plant can be used to fill an empty corner of your living room.

    • Corner bookshelf: Another option for filling the empty corner of your living room is a corner bookcase. So get one and read your favorite book.

    Frequently Asked Questions:


    A bright color will make your room look bigger than usual. In the case of dark colors, it’s vice versa. So if you’ve space in your living room, paint the ceiling with dark colors along with the wall.


    There’s no fixed cost rate to fill the empty space in a living room. The cost depends on the idea or trick which you’ll apply. It can differ according to the volume of the area and the size of your living room.


    To set up a play corner in the empty space of a living room is the best idea for a house where small children live.


    You can get better suggestions from an interior designer to fill the empty space of your living room.


    The window seat idea to fill the empty space in a living room is more suitable for that house besides a natural view. For example- by the side of a river, a sea, or a mountain. But it’s also okay for a place in town or city.


    I am sure you’re now happy to find so many options for what to do with empty space in your living room. We hope you can pick one or two ideas as mentioned earlier for your living room. So what are you waiting for? Choose any of the ideas and give a handsome look to your living room. Appreciation from your guests is also a bonus!


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