How to Replace a Bathroom Fan Light Combo | A few Beneficial Steps

How to Replace a Bathroom Fan Light Combo | A few Beneficial Steps

Are you facing inconvenience with the fan and light in your bathroom? Are you planning to replace them? Or, you moved into a new house. And, now replacing or fixing the existing fan and light of your bathroom has become a headache for you? How to Replace a Bathroom Fan Light Combo is a post that is the proper solution to this problem.

It will give you specific directions on how you can replace the fan and light of your restroom as a combination. A brilliant solution to these measures would make it easier. So that you can do your replacement work without any difficulties. However, let’s dive into the next section, though, for more information. If you follow the steps described below, I can assure you that you do the task by yourself.

Step by step instructions for replacing the fan and light combo of your bathroom:

Are you having trouble with replacing the fan light of your bathroom as a combination? Then this post on How to Replace a Bathroom Fan and Light Combo is right for you. It will provide you with specific advice on how to do a replacement procedure.

Besides, you need to know the tools you require to launch the action. Here, check these below-stated resources to get the job done.

Necessary equipment for replacing the fan light of your washroom as a combo:

  • A good quality adjustable fan
  • A bright light (preferably LED light)
  • Electricity tester
  • Screwdriver
  • Pins
  • Plastic wrapped wires (if needed)

how to replace bathroom fan light combo

Probable cost:

Before you leap into the steps, you need to have a particular idea of how much money it will cost you. The whole repair project’s overall cost depends on what type and quality of the product you are going for. A good quality exhaust fan can cost from $70 to $210, depending on the capacity and efficiency.

The price range of the light depends entirely o the type of light you are going to purchase. There way too many varieties of light bulbs in the market. High quality and energy-efficient fans cost more than mediocre quality exhaust fans. It goes for the lights as well. Right electronic products can assure you more extended usage and reduced electricity bills.

Step by step guide to replace a bathroom fan light combo for your acknowledgement:

Have a good read on the below-stated instructions to perform the bathroom fan light combo replacing task like professionals.

how to replace bathroom fan light combo

Step – 1: get the new exhaust fan and light according to the size of your bathroom.

You will find three sizes of exhaust fans available on the market. You have got to choose yours according to the area of your washroom. The larger the toilet, the stronger a fan you need to buy. The same theory goes for purchasing the big; you will need more powerful light than smaller washrooms to brighten it.

Step – 2: Turn the power off and disconnect the wires.

It can be considered the most critical phase of the entire project. This step is essential for both the replacement works. Disconnect the power supply to prevent severe injuries and life-threatening. in general words, turn the switch off before starting the job. Now you need to disconnect the wires.

Step – 3: Remove the motor and housing frame of the old fan and the socket of the light

Firstly, with a screwdriver, extract all the pins connected to the old fan and keep it set in its place. After pulling out all the screws, unplug the fan’s motor and bring that out of the frame. Then extract the pins from the structure in the same way and bring the edge out as well. And, in case of light, carefully separate the lamp from the base of the plug.

Here, you ought to bear in mind that if the light is too old, it might be a little challenging to get it out. In any case, you need to be extra careful when taking out the bulb. Then remove the screws from the socket base and bring that down from the wall.

how to replace bathroom fan light combo

Step – 4: Clean the space on the wall

Now, the old fan and the light are out. You have to clean the space before you bring the new fan and the light back on.

Step – 5: Set up the new fan and light

For the fan, you have got to place the mounting boards and then place the frame and secure it with the screws. You have to use an electric screwdriver in this case. After that, you adjust the engine of the exhaust fan and put it on the screws. Then fix the wings of the fan. For the light, you need to put the bottom part on, secure it with pins, and then select the light in the socket.

Step – 6: Connect the wires

After the fixing in your bathroom, you need to connect the wires. Ensure that the electricity connection goes to both your fan and light.

Step – 7: Turn the power on and check

Now, you can check if the repair work has been completed successfully by turning the switches on. Whether the fan and the light are working well, it is clear that you have done the job well.

Some suggestions and safety measures:

  • You have got to pick up a good quality adjust fan and light for your washroom. The low-quality electronic products might stop working after a short time.
  • You need to purchase the fan and the light for your bathroom, which is energy-saving. Or else, these electronic goods will raise your energy bill, which will be a burden on your earnings.
  • Make sure you use plastic coated wires to avoid accidents like short circuits and ignition of fire in your house.
bathroom fan light combo


Bathrooms always remain a key attraction in your home. If the fan and the light of your toilet are not working correctly, replacing them is necessary. How to Replace a Bathroom Fan Light Combo will benefit you to perform your replacing task effectively with ease. This post has all the guidance required for the job.

Now you can replace the fan and light of your restroom as a combination with convenience. It’s time for you to do it and make your dream home look ravishing. Experience a trendy bathroom interior by replacing the fan light combo by you to save money. 



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