How to Install DOUBLE Kitchen Sink Plumbing with Easy Steps

How to Install DOUBLE Kitchen Sink Plumbing with Easy Steps

Yesterday I was at my friend’s house for a dinner party. My friend had installed a dual sink in her kitchen. However, I was amazed because she was very comfortable using it. I decided that I will have one in my kitchen also. In addition, I grasp knowledge about how to install double kitchen sink plumbing by searching on the internet. 

I have written this blog on how to install double kitchen sink plumbing with easy steps. After finishing the full article, you will learn about some easy steps for kitchen sink plumbing installation. 

How to Install DOUBLE Kitchen Sink Plumbing with Easy Steps:

DOUBLE Kitchen Sink Plumbing

Place a double kitchen sink plumbing is not uncomplicated, but it is not impractical either. Do the sink plumbing installation action by yourself, follow the below-stated instructions. So, let’s get going with how to install double kitchen sink plumbing with easy steps. You will get accurate guidance for the completion of your installation task in it. 

Necessary equipment for double kitchen sink plumbing installation:

You will need the following equipment for the completion of this task. Gather these items for the perfect double sink plumbing installation process. That will ease your work with accuracy. However, it will permit you to experience the suitability of a dual kitchen sink.

  • Double sink plumbing installation kit 
  • Metal hole cutter
  • Pieces of several diverse connectors 
  • Two drain elbows
  • A short pipe

A double kitchen sink is always satisfying as well as beneficial for its users. I am sure you are also a top lover of the double kitchen sink. However, a faulty kitchen sink plumbing can be a nightmare for you. So, do the installation task by following the below stated easy step by step instructions. 

A step by step instructions for double kitchen sink plumbing installation:

To have a perfect double kitchen sink plumbing installation, you should follow the following steps. That will qualify you to be victorious in your installation task. So, let’s read the installation instructions carefully to gather knowledge. 

Step-1: Make the preparation

First of all, you need to get prepared for this installation action. Buy a sink plumbing installation kit that will be suitable for your sink type. However, determine which type of sink do you own basin & disposal or sink & dishwasher. 

Now observe the drainage system of your sink & draw a diagram for later use. Find out if it is assembled in a vital pattern or do they assemble at the basin’s opposite ends. However, it will help you to get the right fit tool kit for assembling the sink drains. You will require a specific drainage system for your sink’s waste removal unit. 

Now get prepared for the installation process to get a dual sink in your kitchen. You can take a note of the joints to later use during the installation. However, you should clear the countertop & ensure proper lighting for extra space and comfortable working performance. 

For DOUBLE Kitchen Sink Plumbing

Step-2: Remove the older single sink

You have made the preparation for the sink plumbing installation tasks. Now you have enough space for working, so turn off the water shut-off valves. However, open the faucet and disconnect the hose after draining the remaining water. 

Loosen the clamp & pull the hose off from the tee of the garbage disposal/ sink tailpiece. It will disconnect the dishwasher drain hose from the sink countertop. Now loosen the compression fitting by using hand/ locking pliers to disconnect the P-trap. 

Remove the trap altogether to modify it to accommodate your two sink drains. The old trap is reusable after adding some extra fittings and pipes. However, you have disconnected every joint. Now lose the old sink’s clips by using a screwdriver. 

Use a knife to pierce the caulk between the countertop and rim. Now push the sink from below to free it from the caulk. Take the sink to a suitable place to remove the strainer & faucet from it. 

Step-3: Install the Supply Lines

You are ready for the installation of the water supply lines. Now turn off the main water supply to confirm no water remaining in the scheme. However, keep a plastic bowl/ pot/ vessel draining spaces to hold the system flowing water.

Make sure there is no water on the system, and then eliminate your supply lines. You can use a wrench or use lubrication in case of any difficulties. However, detach the supply lines and replace them with the newest ones with the wrench. It will keep your hands safe.

Step-4: Install the Plumbing

Now it’s time for the installation of your pipes, so gather the parts together. Then cut the extras by using a jigsaw to fit them under your basins. It’s time to lay down the P trap, wall tube plus, and PVC pipes. 

Slip the tube nuts through the piping after the tube; PVC pipes fit under your sink. Now add the washer atop of the upright pipe. Compress these to the watertight pipe pluses and join the parts together. 

A Kitchen Sink in a New Countertop

However, attach the P trap over the pipes and push the pipe plus towards the basin. Now wire the wall pipe into the specific angle & position. Then tighten all the bolts that connect your sinks with the pipes. Turn on your main water supply line. 

Does your kitchen roughed-in intend for a double sink during the plumbing? Then the waste drain port is situated behind one of your basin’s drains. However, it allows you to install an upright tailpiece directly above the P trap. The built-in tee offers you to join an extended single flat drain from the extra sink.

Step-5: Be Specific During the Double Sink Drain Line Plumbing

Doing dual kitchen basin plumbing is more complicated than single sink plumbing. Though they both have a single drain but a dual sink drain line plumbing is tougher. However, you reached the last step of your installation task that is drain line plumbing. 

Now you have to add a drain assembling to the end of each basin. Make sure you do it before both sink ‘tee’ together toward the single drain. That can devastate your hard work in a jiffy if not done precisely. However, you have to bear difficulties twice more than the solo sink plumbing.

Be cautious during the installation to avoid all kinds of restrictions or obstructions. Now enjoy your successful dual kitchen sink plumbing installation process.


Are you happy now by thinking about the extra costs you can save by following this article? How to install double kitchen sink plumbing with easy steps is a perfect solution for your requirements. Now you can install your dual kitchen sink plumbing without any obstacles. 

You should appoint a professional plumber if you need to install several dual sinks.



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