What to do with deep corner Kitchen Cabinets | a Perfect Solution for You

What to do with deep corner Kitchen Cabinets | a Perfect Solution for You

A deep corner kitchen cabinet is such a confusing area. It is so spacious and, at the same time, hard to navigate. This article on what to do with deep corner kitchen cabinets | a perfect solution for you will solve your hesitation.

Sometimes we leave this space as it is. But it hampers your kitchen beauty and length. Now it’s time to make your corner kitchen cabinet the most attractive place of beauty. Many deep corner kitchen cabinets are equipped with lazy- Susan. 

But what helps, even more, to make

it is more useful. Here are some smart tips for organizing your corner kitchen cabinet in the best way. Just go through this article and choose the best option for you.

Some Useful Tips on What to Do With a Deep Corner Kitchen Cabinet:

Since the corner cabinet is deep and the opening is narrow, it is your kitchen’s trickiest area. When both sides end up with a lot of space, you will get a deep corner in your kitchen cabinet. It’s time to decorate this blind area with some attractive ideas. 

Let’s gather knowledge for what to do with deep corner kitchen cabinets from the following ideas.

  • Stow Less Used Items:

deep corner Kitchen Cabinet

You can stow the rarely used items in it. Such as the chili pot that you only used in a super bowl on Sunday or your grand ma’s punch bowl or cake pedestals that you use only on holidays. Your deep corner cabinet is an excellent place to stow this item.

Or if it is the top corner of your Kitchen, it must be in a high position, and you can’t reach there without a stool. Now here is a smart solution for you. Edge the back of those shelves with fancy glassware rarely used.

Use the very front with regularly used glasses. Just think how lucrative it will be with this new


  • Hold Out Against Overfilling:

Just imagine how odd it is to find out a half-eaten candy bag from your Kitchen’s corner cabinet. It’s a very bad experience when you find month old packets from there. Just because you have this space, don’t keep it overfill all the time. 

It is also tough to get things out when you squeeze things so tightly. You can quickly leave it open and decorate it with a green leafy plant. Surely it will enhance the beauty and better the environment also.

  • Use the Bottom Corner as Appliance Garages:

The bottom corner is deep enough that you can use it as an appliance garage. Even you can put bulkier items like a blender, slow cooker, toaster, mixer, coffee maker, or popcorn maker. However, it will save your valuable space and provide you with a clean, clutter-free look kitchen.

  • Storing of Garbage:

Finally, if you think your deep corner cabinet is a throwaway space, use it for garbage and recycling cans. Experts say to use a rectangular can to each side and place trash bags at the center. You may buy a lot of shelves and expense tons of money. 

But it’s a matter of joy to become a little creative. Cut the cereal packets like paper holders and use them as a plastic organizer. 

Best ways to make your deep corner kitchen cabinet an attractive place:

Become a little bit creative and quickly transform the deep kitchen area into a decorative corner.

1. A full height pantry cabinet:

Though the full height pantry cabinet will take some counter space of your kitchen. It will provide adequate space for storing goods.

2. Place a corner sink for an L-shaped Kitchen:

It will be practical to place a sink at the corner and hang a beautiful light from the ceiling. If you apply this idea, it will give you a spacious look for your kitchen cabinet. And underneath the sink base, you can store dishwasher detergent, garbage bags, or other cleaning supplies.


3. Cornered drawers:

It is also one of the best ways to solve your corner problem. These drawers can be divided into small compartments. And you can put the cooking utensils in it.

4. Diagonal cabinet:

Though it is a standard solution to the deep corner problem, it also gives a visual break and creates a perfect dimension. The problem is you can’t fit it in a prefab kitchen that permits you to store small dishes in it.

5 . Creating attractive shelves:

If you fail to plan for ample storage, the best solution is to place shelves above and below. Yet, it will not give you an organized look. It will enable you to find your expected things very quickly. It is the best inexpensive solution for you.

6. Install large hooks into the bottom corners:

It is another best way to use your blind space. Install some hooks on the upper side of the bottom corner

cabinet. You may hang pots, pans, and so many things.

7. The most common use of lazy-Susan:

You may use this pie-shaped cabinet above or below the kitchen counter. The lazy-Susan is a turning table that has central access from which the shelves spin. There is no risk where the essential things are stuck in the back and being overlooked. 

All the things are easily accessible. Do you search for the most easily accessed and smartest way? Choose a lazy- Susan for the deep corner of your kitchen cabinet.

8. Turn your hard to access corner into an attractive home office:

In your neo-normal life laptop is your all-time partner. Just decorate it as the least usable legroom. Thus you will not delay even a single important task of your office.


We are sure that what to do with deep corner kitchen cabinets | a perfect solution for you is not a question for you now. We hope you find your solution here. If you are modeling a new house, it is a bit easier. You may choose anyone. 

But if you are remodeling, you have to think about a specific design. You cannot select randomly. Most of the kitchens are L-shaped, and our maximum design suits for L-shaped Kitchen. Some kitchens are U-shaped. 

We think, to decorate this type of corner with lazy-Susan can be a great idea.

Most older homes have this harsh area. And you have to be more creative to utilize this corner at its best. Creating a beautiful corner cabinet turns your monotonous kitchen time refreshing and joyful.



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