How to Repair Outdoor Furniture Fabric | A Few Simple Steps

How to Repair Outdoor Furniture Fabric | A Few Simple Steps

Has the fabric of your outdoor furniture got torn? Are you getting tensed about how to fix this? Check on How to Repair Outdoor Furniture Fabric. This article will help you with detailed information on how you can repair the torn fabric of your outdoor furniture at a bearable cost. 

The instructions provided here will enable you to repair your outdoor furniture fabric at ease. A brilliant solution to these steps would help you to do a problem-free job. However, let’s dive into the next section without skipping a beat for more details. You are suggested to follow the instructions to repair the fabric of your outdoor furniture. 

Some reasons why you should repair the fabric instead of getting new furniture: New furniture might not come as the best fit for your outdoors. However, you have already decided to look for your outdoor, a new set of furniture. That might not go with your desired décor in the same way as your old set of furniture. 

Step by Step Instructions for repairing outdoor furniture fabric: 


If you have a piece of furniture with torn fabric in your outdoors and want to patch it to give your outdoors an elegant look, then you have to go through this post on How to Repair Outdoor Furniture Fabric to get your work done correctly. Now, before you move into step-by-step directions on how to fix your outdoor furniture fabric. 

You need to know what tools you’re going to need to repair the fabric successfully. Here is a brief idea of what tools you need to get before starting the word and how much it may cost you to get the whole job done. Necessary equipment for repairing outdoor furniture fabric: 

  • Scissors
  • New cloth Measuring tape 
  • Stapler Pins 
  • Hammer 
  • Some extra wood or wooden board (if needed) 
  • Needles 
  • Threads Pencil or cloth marker 
  • Fabric glue 

Cost of repairing outdoor furniture fabric:

Before you leap into the steps to get the job done, you need to have a particular idea of how much money it will cost you. The overall repair project’s overall cost depends on how much and what is the quality of your chosen furniture fabric. The regular cost for furniture fabric starts from a minimum range of $40 per yard. And it can rise to $200 per yard or more, depending on quality, design, and measurement. 

Step-by-step instructions for repairing outdoor furniture fabric process: 

Buying a new set of furniture always costs you a tremendous amount of money. If you are conscious about your regular livelihood expenses, you must think twice before getting a new set of furniture. Repairing the existing set of furniture can make it look more elegant than before. 

You can do your repair work in two ways. You will find instructions for both of the ways as you proceed.


Way – 1: If the fabric is repairable without changing the whole cloth 

Step – 1: Mend 

If the defective or broken part of the fabric is tiny, you can easily stitch it as a raft with a thread of the same color as the cloth. All you need is a good needle and a long piece of thread to patch the ripped portion of the fabric. 

Step – 2: Patch it with the same fabric 

You can take this step only if your furniture fabric pattern allows you to do this, and you have a piece of cloth or a piece of cloth exactly the same. However, use fabric color like a thread to complete the work. 

Way – 2: Change the whole cloth

If you need to change the fabric to repair the furniture, you should take the following steps. However, if the sitting part of your furniture is ripped, then you need to get the whole cloth changed to repair the furniture. 

Step – 1: Take the ripped cloth away from the furniture 

In order to fix the furniture properly and give it a stylish look, you need to remove the ripped fabric from the furniture. 

Step – 2: Measure the removed fabric 

Proper measurement is the secret to perfecting any work related to fabrics. If you fail to measure right, you will never get the ideal formed piece of fabric to fit your furniture. You need to take the exact measurement from the removed piece of cloth and get a new cloth to match your furniture, depending on the old cloth’s size. 

Step – 3: Cut the cloth 

Now, you need to cut the new cloth with scissors to keep the old cloth’s measurement. You can mark the new cloth with a pencil or cloth marker to get the measurements right. 

Step – 4: Fold the sides of the piece of the fabric 

After cutting the fabric, you have to fold the fabric as much as the old fabric was folded. Then you can stick the folded portion to the back of the fabric using fabric glue to secure the fold. 

Step – 5: attach the fabric with the sitting part of the furniture

You have got to patch the fabric with the furniture right now. You can use pins or stapler depending on the type of furniture you have and tie the fabric. But if that chair or furniture has a frame of foam or wood, you will have to place the cloth on it accordingly. 


Outdoor decoration is as important as an indoor decoration. It makes a significant difference in your residence’s overall decoration and how you manage to decorate the outside of your dream home. How to Repair Outdoor Furniture Fabric is the masterpiece in case you have torn outdoor furniture fabrics. 

And it would be constructive for you. Now that you have a good knowledge of the equipment you need and know the directions to accomplish this job without any hassle. Now, what you need is to decide your mind, take some time out of your schedule, collect the equipment and start working. 



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