What to Make in My New Kitchenaid Mixer | Five Basic Attachments Working Explanation

What to Make in My New Kitchenaid Mixer | Five Basic Attachments Working Explanation

Suppose you are a new house-wife or a corporate mommy and got a new kitchenaid mixer, congratulations on the world of new recipes. Kitchenaid mixer is a steadfast machine that can do thousands of jobs at a time. Again, Kitchenaid mixers deliver an extreme level of power. That elbow grease or a hand mixer won’t supply you. 

Most of the Kitchenaid mixers have a few specific attachments to broadening their appliance’s buying range. It is wise to buy a Kitchenaid mixer that comes off wide attachments for more recipes. Then read about what to make in my new Kitchenaid mixer | five basic attachments working explanation

The five authentic food recipes will make your kitchen journey more comfortable. 

What you can make in your New Kitchenaid Mixer (Including the List of Food): 

Stop hammering on your head, on the thought of what to make in your new Kitchenaid mixer. It’s not as complicated as anyone thinks. Mainly a Kitchenaid mixer attachment will come with three parts. These are: 

  • A whisk, 
  • A paddle
  • A dough hook

I attached below the five lists of specific mixer attachments that help make Mexican food to Thai food. However, these attachments may add to your package or may not. Or you may collect them separately. Check out the list at a glance. 

  1. Uses of Whisk Attachments – for beating or whipping something for cakes, cream cheese, etc.
  2. Uses of Paddle Attachments- making a creamy texture for vanilla pastry, ice-cream, cookies, pudding, mixing meat, etc.

3. Uses of Dough Hook Attachments – for making raw pizza dough, pasta dough, etc.

    4. Uses of Pasta Attachments- for a cut or roll out the pasta or noodles, etc.

    5. Uses of Food Grinder Attachments – for grind or minced the meat. It is useful for making meatballs or sausages etc. 

    Overall Discussion on How to Use KitchenAid Attachments Spontaneously: 

    Different attachments will give you different services. Make sure to use the tools that have been made only for suitable work. 

    Go through the using methods of these attachments. 

    My New Kitchenaid Mixer
    1. Uses of Whisk Attachments: 

    A Whisk is a standard tool of a Kitchenaid of stainless steel. That looks like a spider’s legs and attached with a motor. However, the stand mixer is large and has an excellent capacity for making voluminous cream rather than a typical hand mixer.

    How to attach: 

    It is high time we used to beat the egg yoke by using a fork or hand. Our grandmother used to do it by hand. But a whisk will work better than these hand tools. 

    For attaching the whisk, you need to head off your mixer and attach this to the mixer hook. Adjust this tool clockwise. Then put down the head of the mixer.

    What to Make By Whipping: 

    Remember, for making soft and delicious cakes or cookies, perfectly whipping is a minor fact. Whipping the egg white isn’t so easy sometimes. It’s becoming more difficult while you’re adding sugar to it. 

    Some egg whites were constructing with an airy lift. So if you want to tackle it, you need to whip the egg white correctly. The whole process depends on the sheer power of the stand mixer. 

    It is suitable to use for, 

    • American Cheese,
    • French-Swiss Cake,
    • Swiss meringue Plater, 
    • Italian Buttery Creams, etc
    1. Uses of Paddle Attachments 

    Paddle attachments are the second tool of a Kitchen mixer. It is opposite to the whisk. However, it is a portable attachment for cutting through the meat mixture. It looks like a vast space with a flat blade. In addition, it is well-manufactured to smear and fold. This function makes it invaluable for the procedure like creaming.

    Make My New Kitchenaid Mixer

     How to Attach Paddle Attachments: 

    Like, whipping attachments you need to re-attach this tool at the bottom of the mixer. Do this in the same process. 

     What to Make By Paddle Attachments: 

    You can make a classic vanilla cream with this mixer. For making this cream, it would help if you kept crushing the sugar and butter manually. A powerful stand paddle will provide you with the benefits. Making a cream base depends if butter gets to stretch and expand. However, you need to keep the temperature under 68 degrees Fahrenheit. 

    This temperature will give you the bakery taste at home. That’s why the bakers will prefer to start with cool butter and make a full cream texture as quickly as possible. You can also make a sustainable dough with these attachments. It is a great way to mix both cakes and cookie doughs uniformly. 

    In addition, the paddle also delivers you perfect meatballs by mixing it rigorously. A perfect juicy, springy Italian meatball and sausage always snatch the heart of your bosom one. So the foods you can make by paddle are: 

    • Italian meat sausage
    • Chicken nuggets, 
    • Fish fingers, 
    • Swedish meatballs,
    • Merguez, etc.
    1. Uses of Dough Hook Attachments 

    Dough Hook is a third tool that you found on your regular attachments. It comes with a “C”- shape. Look like a sharper energy bulb. However, it is used to make complicated doughs like Neapolitan-style pizza and so on. Using a dough hook allows you to adjust the oil or water in it correctly. 

    You can do other work while your dough is in the Kitchenaid mixer. Overall, it is an excellent mixer for attachments for crashing the solid food like nuts, fruits etc. 

    How to Attach the Dough hook: 

    It is time to attach the dough hook to the mixer hook. Then attach it to the head of the attachments. Tighten it up the clockwise.

    Use of  Dough Hook:

    Some of the bread dough was so difficult to make. Usually, high-fat doughs like brioche are extremely tough to make without a paddle. Some bakers are doing significantly better to make new-york and Sicilian pizza doughs as they support food processors. 

    1. Uses of Pasta Roller & Food Grinder Attachments

    The Pasta roller and food grinder are the optional attachments on the kitchenaid mixer. You will luckily find them if you have a brand-spanking and a new-stand mixer. However, pasta roller sets will take out all your frustration and fussiness for making fresh, delicious pasta. 

    Meanwhile, the food grinder will help you to cut out or grind the meat so well. You can now make a professional pasta with a meatball. 

    These attachments are made of a sharp blade and stainless steel. Almost all the food grinder will look like a small contrivance. Again, the pasta roller will look like a sharp double roller. One side is toothless; the other side is vacuous. 

    The Food These Are Suitable For: 

    What to make in my new kitchenaid mixer is now clear for you; you can now make thousands to hundred of recipes by your mixer. Pizza roller and food grinder will be suitable for making, 

    • Mexican Pasta, 
    • Cheese Noodles, 
    • Sweedish Chicken Sandwiches, 
    • Hamm Burger, etc. 

    There are so many kitchenaid attachments found in the market. Check out these three recommended mixers below:

    1. Kitchenaid Ice-cream maker Attachmentsideal for delicious ice-cream making.
    2. Nuvantee pasta maker -suitable for pasta cutting.
    3. And Metal Food Grinder Attachments – crucial for perfect meat grindings. 


    A Kitchenaid mixer is our time and life saviour. It not only makes our food delicious but also gives you a task experiment with something new. Around 60,0000-35,0000 women are indulged in corporate life in the U.S.A. So, making your kitchen task too easy and comfortable. I think it’s a suitable one for you. 

    Stop crawling while you’re in trouble about what to make in my new Kitchenaid mixer. Remember, the more you think, the more ideas will come over your mind. Best of luck with your Kitchenaid Mixer Adventure!



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