Super Easiest Methods on How to Cover Kitchen Cabinets without Painting

Super Easiest Methods on How to Cover Kitchen Cabinets without Painting

Are you worried about painting your cabinets? If you do not like to inhale the toxic fragrance of paint and don’t want to use a drop of paint on your kitchen cabinet, the article is a fantastic solution for you. Check out the article on how to cover kitchen cabinets without painting to get the super easiest methods to cover your Kitchen cabinets. 

This article will show you why one should cover his kitchen cabinet, how to do that, and what tools are needed to reorganize the kitchen cabinet without painting and how much the cost will be. So to know all the pros and cons read the full context.  

Why Do We Need To Cover Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets are the most significant component of your kitchen. It contains the necessary stuff in a row and aligned. Not only that, it dominates the look of the entire kitchen interior. Moreover, the cabinet helps you keep orderly random plates, glasses, and cooking accessories.

Generally, we can see the kitchen cabinet is more attached to your gas stove, so it becomes a bit sticky. You may not like to touch it, Right? To get rid of the adhesive touch, you need to cover your kitchen cabinet with wrapping paper or anything else. However, adding a cover on the kitchen cabinet enhances the beauty of the kitchen interior and the smooth touch, making you feel satisfied. 

Best Ways to Cover Wooden Kitchen Cabinets without Painting to increase your kitchen's beauty:

A wooden kitchen cabinet is more likely to become damaged. As it faces more wiping, so there is a chance to get damage early. But if you cover it with different alternatives, you can grab the beauty for a long time. There are some ideas to protect your wooden kitchen cabinets without painting. 

These are, covering with wrapping paper those are available to cover cupboards and using different stickers. The sticker covers the spectacle of the old kitchen cupboard. Moreover, you can add architectural elements. Not only that, replacing cabinet knobs can change your kitchen cabinets look as well. These ideas are not only for wooden cabinets; you can apply the trick to any kitchen cabinet.

Cost to Cover Kitchen Cabinets Without a Single Drop of Paint: 

If I were to talk about the cost to cover kitchen cabinets, I must say it is not quite expensive. The most convenient and easiest way of protecting the kitchen cabinet is using contact paper. So, let me give you an idea of the contact paper’s cost. I looked for it on Amazon, and what I got is that the price is so reasonable. 

The cost varies based on the size of the roll and its quality. But overall, it starts from $25 to upwards. However, if you hire a professional to place the contact paper, there will be another charge. Do it yourself so that you can save money. In terms of changing knobs on cabinet doors, the charges will be related to them, not fixed. 

cabinets without painting
glass door cabinets

Tools Requirements for The Kitchen Cabinets Remodeling Without Painting: 

The tools required to remodel the kitchen cabinet will not be sure. Because the remodeling approach will demand the tools. Such as, if you intend to paint the kitchen cabinet, you will need a brush and some paints, and other associated stuff.  

Similarly, in terms of using stickers or contact paper, you will need a scissor. However, you want to change the cupboard’s door or the external look, you will need some screw, a new door, glues, or some knobs. So, there will be a variety of tools regarding the remodeling approach.

The super easiest ways How to Cover Kitchen Cabinets without Painting:

In general, people do a painting to cover their old and massy kitchen cabinets. But still, there is somebody who doesn’t like to paint their kitchen cabinets. So have knowledge about the alternatives to remodel your kitchen cabinets without painting. 

However, I have made a list of the alternatives to cover kitchen cabinets except painting. So let’s see. 

  1. Remodeling Cabinets by Using Glass

You can cover your kitchen cabinet by changing the wooden doors to glasses. When you see the cupboard is becoming ugly, try it in your kitchen. You can hire an expert to replace doors and install some glasses in the closet. 

Ultimately, it will change the look. When you keep the kitchen stuff orderly, you can see easily by the display. That is how it will save your time, from looking after something.

Architectual element
use contact paper
  1. Using Contact Paper

Using contact paper is an excellent solution to core the kitchen cabinet. You can buy this paper from any local shop or online and install it very quickly. This paper is usable on the countertop too. 

You can do the process by yourself. Hire a scissor and cut the expected area. This contact paper has self-adhesive, so place it to fit the cabinet. When you are buying contact paper, there is a matter to consider, choose ‘Removable’ marked one. Then it will be easy to peel off when you want to change it.  

  1. Adding Some Architectural Elements 

This is an updated idea of enhancing the beauty of the cupboards. If you are a lover of different arts or something, then try to draw something on a hard board and then cut it to place on the cabinet’s body. 

It will be best to cover the kitchen cabinet without replacing it and painting it. 

  1. Accentuating The knobs

You can upgrade the beauty of your kitchen cabinet by installing new knobs too. It is the most attractive part of a cupboard, so when you are thinking about covering it without painting, you can change the knobs. 

Buy some cute and adorable knobs for your kitchen online to replace them with the old ones. It won’t be very costly.

  1. Changing the Cupboard’s cabinet door.

If you see the cupboard doors are more cankered, then there is a hack for you. You can exchange the sides of the door. How? Simply put off the cabinet door and look at the inside of the door. If the inside is looking good, then change the sides. Screw off the door and place the door’s inner side to the outer side. 

Continue the same process throughout the other cabinet doors. Easily you can have a new and lovely view of your kitchen.

  1. Using Stencil

Another idea is to use Stencil to cover the kitchen cabinet. Stencil can enhance the beauty of your kitchen immediately. It is available on a low budget as well. You can add it to the kitchen cabinet like the contact paper. 

So add some nice stencil or stickers for your kitchen cabinet. It will look more artistic and satisfying when you enter the kitchen. 

So these are the ideas in my perspective to work out their best to enhance the beauty and cover the old kitchen cabinet.    


Answer: Obviously, If you have enough time and money, you can reface the cabinet. Refacing the cabinet is a time-saving renovation for a kitchen. You do not need to reorganize the entire kitchen but only the cabinet.

 Answer: There is flexibility in placing contact paper while you are on your 1st attempt. You can simply peel the side once and place it again correctly. But, remember when you want to change the previous one, put off the older one and then place a new one.

Answer: In my calculation, doing the painting is pretty much costly than using the alternatives. To do the painting, you may need to hire a professional to do that, so the professional will charge you a huge amount.

Answer: Yes. You can add glasses to the wooden door’s frame. In fact, it will look so nice. I described it as one of my alternatives to using paint on the kitchen cabinet.

Answer: It is completely safe to wipe after installing contact paper or other like that. You can use wrapping paper, stickers, and Stencil as the same as contact paper.


A kitchen cabinet is the leading element of your kitchen. After becoming old or damaging the authentic color, remodel it with the given ideas as mentioned earlier. I’m pretty much sure now you know how to cover kitchen cabinets without painting with some easy way.

So apply the tricks and decor your kitchen using shortcuts by remodeling cabinets. Everything will shine like the newly bought stuff. And you can also wipe the cabinet smoothly, without the sticky feel.


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