Get an accurate idea about how much does it cost to reupholster a dining room chair

Get an accurate idea about how much does it cost to reupholster a dining room chair

Are you looking for an essential guide on reupholstering a dining room chair? Now, get a definitive answer on how much does it cost to reupholster a dining room chair from this masterpiece article. In addition, the dining room is a common attraction that we spend our maximum time here with our dearest one. Beauty doesn’t pay comfort to you all the time. 

Quality-based products may ensure the word “comfortable” inside your home. Firstly, think while you’re sitting to eat, don’t feel comfortable on it, then what’s the necessity of a dining chair? However, reupholstering your old one is a great idea to save some money. Further, there are five many things to consider when you upholster your dining room chair.

In What Matter the Cost of Reupholster a Dining Room Chair Depends on?

To reupholster your dining room chair, costs may vary depending on your choice and desire. As a result, it’s not true all the time that the best product only lay on costly things. Quality may differ on cheap products also. But five things depend on increasing your budget while you are buying them. At first, let me give you an overall idea of the important topics that lay behind it. 

1. Types of Chair Cover Styles:

Before reupholstering your dining chair, the cost only depends on what types of chair you have. The dining room chairs are of three types. These are:

  • Dining room chair cover of base only fabric
  • Base and back recovered chair
  • Another one is base and high back recovered chair

However, base only fabric made cover chair costs up to $35-43 per chair. Again, your dining chair’s base and back recovered may cost you $135-146. The last one costs up to $200-202. However, it’s an average rate that depends on your chair cover styles.

dining room chair

2. The Fabric Materials of Chair:

Fabric materials of a dining chair may be costly while you’re looking for unique materials. The seat of a chair should be comfortable and arrogant to look at. In addition, these features combine to enhance the beauty of your dining room. People often are addicted to match patterns. However, they’re too much fond of white leather, print covers, shiny resin, or patterned fabrics.

  • White leather fabric only cost $30-45 per chair,
  • Print covers may vary only $60-150,
  • Shiny resin costs up to $150-200,
  • Patterned fabrics cost only $250-300.

3. Types of a Chair Style:

Unlike different people with different habits, our dining room table designs may vary depending on our fondness. However, the upholstery costs also depend on the different styles of a chair. There are various styling chairs available on marketplaces. Look at a glance at this below list with a price.

Designs Of A Chair 

Average Price List

  • Flat Or Boxed Slip Dining Seat


  • Side Chair Dining Set


  • Side Chair Dining seat & Back 


  • Standard Occasional Dining Chair


  • Persons’ chair Dining set


  • Six persons Dining Chair Set


  • Chaise Lounge Dining Set


  • Leather living room chair


  • Wingback Dining Chair


  • Armpit Leather Dining Chair


  • Ottoman Style Dining Chair


Firstly, the living room is a central attraction of your home. I recommended buying quality base products instead of costly ones. The standard range of these chairs is super comfortable and ensures your residential beauty inside your house. 

4. Shapes of Your Living Room:

Different houses have adjusted with varying shapes in the living room. In addition, to maintain a calm and quiet atmosphere on your house premises, do not oversee it with too many chairs and furniture. However, if your living room is rectangular shapes, it would be better to fascist it with oval shape dines with a standard design chair.

If your living has enough space to wear out a luxurious chair with a table, then it will be best to fascinate it with arrogant furniture and a dining chair. As a result, it will be a right choice when you desire to transform your insufficient dining room into a traditional space.

shapes of dining or living room
dining room chair materials

5. Chair Materials of A Dining Room:

Chair materials are a significant matter while you want to reupholster a dining room chair. The material costs may increase or decrease your budget for a dining room. However, materials such as steel, wooden, white aluminum, and Partex made chairs available to give you the best services. Steel or wooden base chairs cost between $140-550 from you.

Again, the white aluminum and Partex made the dining chair cost more than the wooden one. 

Labour Cost of Reupholstery Dining Room Chair:

The most crucial subjects of reupholster a dining room chair rely only on labor costs. It’s the central portion of your overall budget. Upholsters generally charge between $50 to 100 per hour; they include their charging menu card before hiring them. However, expertise and the design complexion of your dining spaces may vary the charges.

But if you choose the furniture from their workshops, you have to pay a transitional fee of $100-350.

When Should Upholstery Your Dining Room Chair Necessary?

When you want to upholstery your dining room chair, your first question has arisen about is worth upholstering dining now? Some people get confused about whether to do it or not. Well, follow these instructions that will help to decide the worthiness of your dining room chair upholstery. 

First, you may be looking forward to is that your chair lasted for many years? If it is yes, then upholster your chair fast. Second, is your chair frame solid, sturdy, or made of hardwood or brass? Third, if you’re happy with your old furniture, it would be best to upholster it too soon. These are the most relevant facts that consider upholstery your dining chair too far.

How much fabric do you need to reupholster your dining room chair?

fabric style of dining room chairs

Upholstery, your dining room chair is great to work while you want to change your household’s environment. How much does it cost to reupholster a dining room chair is depend on the cost of required fabric as well. In addition, the fabric measurement depends on the length and depth of the chair. But how much fabric you will need is a standard dilemma if you installed it by yourself. The complexities don’t arise if you hire any professionals. 

To measure the consistency of your dining chair, take a leather piece first. Then keep the framing seat of your chair on that cloth. Firstly, measure the seat length approximately. Keep 6-7″ inches different gaps to measure those parts correctly. However, the standard measure on a general chair is 50-54″ inches in width and 14-18″ inches wide for cover up to six chairs at a time.

Most Relevant Questions:

It relies on too many facts such as:

  1. Suppose your furniture may be heavily stained or doesn’t washable. 
  2. In case the chair fabrics need to be replaced. 
  3. If your chair is looking so old or outdated that you want to change it.

It depends on your choice. Some fabric got more stock and sturdy that you need to wash before upholstering it. The suitable materials fabrics didn’t need to clean. So, it varies according to what kind of fabrics you purchase to upholstery your dining chair.

Yes, an electric stapler makes your work more accessible and smooth. But choose a manual stapler which means heavy-duty electric stapler. That helps to adhere to the fabric inside the chair very fast. It glued your chair fabric on the back front more strongly.

I prefer fabric staplers that are best from the glued because both are different while it comes to working. Fabric glue is worse for stacking the seat nicely, while the stapler was doing this job more professionally. Removing the glued fabric is more complex than stapling.

Cleaning code is a keyword of a recommended material to wash away your fabric materials. The code consists of four alphabets. W, S, S-W, X. W means clean with water, S means clean with the sorbent, S-W means clean with both water and sorbent, And X means professional cleaning.

Yes, you can. You can quickly upholster or reupholster your dining chair by yourself. You can read out the blogs, tutorial videos to do the task efficiently. You need to hire some professional tools to do it at home. A firm determination can make any work too easy. So keep determined to do this work too profoundly. 


The dining room is a shared space in your house. It is sometimes considered to be a living room for a small family. However, the dining room chair must be easy to drag out and comfortable to sit in. Hence, we spend our valuable time with our friends and family in this room; it should be adorable to look at. 

So, when you’re feeling reupholster your dining room chair, read on how much does it cost to reupholster a dining room chair. As a result, the budget is an ordinary matter that rejuvenates our decisions.



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