Get a vivid description of how to deal with the gap between dishwasher and countertop

Get a vivid description of how to deal with the gap between dishwasher and countertop

Many homemakers consider measuring the height of the dishwasher an irritating task before buying a new dishwasher. They often show less interest in measuring the space under the countertop. As a result, they feel the hassle of dealing with the gap between dishwasher and countertop

Suppose you will change your kitchen interior by replacing or placing a new sink with a dishwasher. We are here to help you out with this article to put them accurately at your first attempt like a professional. To do like a professional, you must have professional hacks. 

So read the whole article without doing skip to get better ideas.

Steps you need to follow to fill the Gap between Dishwasher and Countertop with ease:

When you are a super-conscious housewife, you may expect everything as a perfect one. So, if there remains any gap, for instance, an inch gap between your dishwasher and countertop, you may not take it easy. Otherwise, you may get messy by scrolling insects. 

And as a consequence, there will grow group of cockroaches. It would not be nice, right? So, to avoid the matter, you should follow some instructions to fill the gap by woodcutting. Here follow the steps that are given below.

Necessary Tools:

  • A measuring tape
  • A pencil
  • A paper
  • Hand saw
  • Paint
  • Lumber
  • Wood pieces
  • Wood screws
  • L-brackets
  • Wood putty

Step-1: Measure the space between the countertop & dishwasher.

You have to measure how many spaces there are between the dishwasher and the countertop. Then you can cut a piece of wood and place it correctly. To calculate the gap, bring a measuring tape. Then place the measuring tape between the gap and write down the measurement on paper. 

Do not forget to measure the inner side of the gap gently. Otherwise, there is a risk of miscalculation. Now, proceed to the next step with confidence.

Measure the space
a perfect lumber piece

Step-2: Cut a perfect piece of lumber.

Now you have to cut a piece of lumber in the size of the measurement you wrote down previously. Then cut the wood panel with a sophisticated machine so that it could be smooth to touch. When you are missing the wood from the wood panel, you should be careful with the measurement. 

Because it becomes slightly smaller or tiny, it would not be as fruitful as your wish. On the other hand, if it becomes more extensive than space under the countertop, it might not be placed easily. You will have to polish it further.

Step-3: Place the wood roughly if it fits perfectly.

After cutting the wood piece, you should place it roughly without screwing. Put it in place to check if it is ok with space or not. If it’s ok with the area and doesn’t pressure the dishwasher roof, then you are absolutely right. Now place them in an open place of the outer part of your home. 

Step-4: Paint the wood pieces

Next is to paint your wood pieces with your desired color and wait for a minimum of 24 hours. Or what you can do is you can match the color with the kitchen interior or the color of the countertop. Then it will look nice when it fits with other accessories.

Step-5: Adjust the bracket into the gap

Now, your painted wood pieces are ready for installation. First, fit the gap with the L-brackets before you install the wood pieces. It will support the wood pieces to stay in place. Now get back to the bracket fitting task. Pick up some wood screws & a screwdriver, and fix the L-bracket 1″ under your countertop. 

Check if the L-bracket adjusts to its place correctly. Wow, you have installed the L-bracket with accuracy but don’t get so excited yet. You need three more brackets to be fitted in their required places. So, let’s get started; install the first one ½” front to the cabinet. Install the second bracket over the toe kick around 1″. However, install the last one at the space center.

adjust the bracket
add colored wood-pieces with brackets

Step-6: Adjust the colored wood pieces with the bracket

The brackets are stable in their places so are your wood pieces. Now let us start the next step by adjusting the wood pieces with the brackets. However, this is the most more straightforward step in this whole installation process. Take a colored wood piece and put it over the bracket.

Step-7: Fit the joints by using wood putty

In this step, take some wood putty and place it under wraps all the joints by using it. That will provide you a smooth finishing. However, you will experience a gap-free wood panels’ finish. Otherwise, you can paint over the wood panels again to leave a seamless finish.


Yes, the flooring needs to be placed right under your dishwasher. Actually, the most important thing is keeping the floor underneath your dishwasher. However, a countertop is not ideal for holding the entire weight of the dishwasher. We can say that a countertop needs durable flooring below it to lend a hand to the countertop.

You can do the dishwasher installation task by yourself in case of saving money. Hire a plumber to get the job completed with a professional finish. However, you need to hire a plumber; there is no such rule to do the installation action with your bare hands. 

But if you need to work with the dishwasher along with the sinks, then it is mandatory. We are sure you want to install the dishwasher next to your sinks.

Yes. You need to have insulation around your dishwasher to keep it warm. However, don’t panic about the insulation layer. It will vanish right after the dishwasher installation task, and it will keep your dishwasher noise-free.

A plumber needs 2-hours to remove a dishwasher. It will take 1-hour more for the old dishwasher to eliminate tasks. So, a dishwasher installation task can take 3-4 hours to be completed by a plumber. 


To wrap up the discussion, You may now understand how to fill or what to do to fulfill if there is any gap between dishwasher and countertop. To handle the gap with your stylish and sophisticated way of decoration, you can apply the approaches. You can do it with a simple wood slice or a designed and colored wood slice. 

At the end of the story, I must say, your decoration style is up to you, but from a professional concept, you need to follow the upward described approaches. Be safe, be satisfied with your home decoration. 

Meta Description: 

Are you having issues with the gap between dishwasher and countertop and intend to change it? You can set the problem by adding a piece of wood by following the instructions of this article. 


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