Be Expert on How to Remove NuTone Bathroom Fan Light Cover in Several Ways to Save Dollars

Be Expert on How to Remove NuTone Bathroom Fan Light Cover in Several Ways to Save Dollars

If you have a NuTone bathroom fan light and want to change your fan or light, you need to remove its cover. So, to change the cover without hiring a professional you must know how to remove NuTone bathroom fan light cover first. If you do not know the tricky way, you may break the light fan’s cover, and it won’t be pleasant. People tend to remove or open the light fan’s cap when the bulb gets damaged, or the fan becomes messy. This article will be helpful to clean up fans and change light bulbs.

Be expert and get a general idea on how to remove NuTone bathroom fan light Cover in several ways for Random Models:

In general, different vent fan lights come in different shapes & models. You may see some of them are round-shaped, and some of them are rectangular-shaped. So, all kinds of vent fan lights are not the same as opening its cover. Generally, you can open vent fan lights cover by creaking with a screw. 

There are some sophisticated processes to follow for the NuTone bathroom fan light. Let’s have a general idea about the necessary tools to perform this task.

Necessary Tools: To remove a bathroom fan lights cover, you will need some additional tools. Without using any equipment, some NuTone bathroom fan light models do not recognize you open the lid. So let’s know about the tools that you will need to use. These are: 
  • Screws
  • Sponge and 
  • ladder
Shut off the power: First, power off the bathroom fan light. You can switch on additional light or hire a charger light. It is not impossible to remove the bathroom fan lights cover while the light is on. But there is no loss of being careful. So, do off the switch to safer.
bathroom fan light cover

When Your NuTone fan light Have Grille And Light Cover Are A Part:

NuTone bathroom fan lights have a model, where the grille and light cover within a part. You cannot separate it individually. If you open the grille, the light bulb will be opened. So, to open the grille, you have to pull down the grille. And then squeeze on the metal spring to release the light cover & grille assembly.

When your light cover is removable: 

You will find some models which have removable covers. You won’t need to remove the grille. All you need to do, just squeeze the light cover’s sides to release the plastic tabs. Consequently, the plastic charge will be removed from the slot, and you can open the light cover. It’s straightforward. 

How to remove the bathroom fan light’s cover when it is circular-shaped?

As I explained in the first paragraph, some of the NuTone bathroom fan lights are round-shaped. And some of them are rectangular-shaped. So, if your bathroom fan light is round-shaped, you can follow the process. First and foremost, you have to remove the grille and light lens. 

You can remove the grille and assembly by pulling down the outer part of the grille. This part will come down roughly 1-2 inches. 

Since the cover part of the fanlight comes to your hand, clear the fan or oil the fan. You can change the bulb or clean the bulb if it’s necessary. 

Nutone bathroom fan light cover
Remove bathroom fan light cover

If your fanlight is rectangular shaped:

In general, one can easily open a rectangular-shaped fan light’s cover. You can simply open it by using a screw. You can creak in the gap between the assembly line fan light’s body with a screw and push it up to down. Then the cover will open.

Moreover, in terms of NuTone bathroom fan light, These are also rectangular shaped. But the model is a little bit updated. A nut tightens its grille and light reflector assembly. However, the light lens cover of this model is removable. To remove this, follow the instructions I mentioned before. Squeeze the sides together, and then it will slide out. Easily the cover will open.

Random Nutone Fan Light Models:

I discussed the models and shapes of NuTone, which is going to describe below. NuTone bathroom fan light has different models and features. So you can identify the characteristics and cover removing ideas. Here, the models are given below.

First one is – NuTone 8664RP:

This model is circular shaped. So you can apply the first procedure to open the grille and light lens. For NuTone 8664RP, you need not open the grille and light separately.

The second one is – NuTone 696:

This one is rectangular shaped. You can open the light cover without opening the grill individually. You can open by creaking the side clips that held the main body of the bathroom fan light.

Another one is – NuTone HD80L:

NuTone HD 80L is also rectangular shaped. But, it comes with a little difference in its shape. This model’s light is placed on slide steps. You can open its cover by creaking one side and then support the cover. It will come to your hand automatically.

With this model’s idea, you can remove the bathroom fan light’s cover and can do whatever you want. You can clean the grilles whether you open them or not. Use a sponge to clean it gently. When you open the grille, you can clean the light lens as well.

Make sure you check the fan. Because you cannot open it very often, so when you open the cover, check all of them.

When you remove the cover and finish the purpose of opening, lock the cover perfectly. And then check the connection. Finally, check the light by switching on the light once. 

Final Verdict:

This is how basically one can remove the NuTone bathroom fan light’s cover. He hires experts to sort out the problem because one does not know how to remove NuTone Bathroom fan light cover. And spend a handsome amount of money.

Now, I am sure that you are confident enough to change the bulbs by opening the light fan’s cover perfectly. Do it like an expert and save your money. Have a good day!


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