How to Remove Kitchen Faucet without a Basin Wrench | A Few Simple Steps

How to Remove Kitchen Faucet without a Basin Wrench | A Few Simple Steps

Many people want to remove their kitchen faucets by themselves. But fixing and installing a kitchen faucet complicates. It would help if you prepared yourself properly before installing one. A basin wrench is a tool that is used to remove kitchen faucets instantly. 

This little hammer looking device has a long shaft with a pair of asymmetric extends. Some tools have spring-loaded jaws that can adjust any size. But not everyone knew about this tool or often didn’t know how to use it. It will help if you get more practice to use it perfectional. 

Now, I am sharing with you a few essential steps for you on how to remove kitchen faucets without a basin wrench. Here I also adjust only five easy steps.

The Necessary Tools for How to Remove Kitchen Faucet without Basin Wrench:

If your kitchen faucet became so dirty or damaging, you need to change or remove it soon. You will need some primary equipment to do the installation or removing action. Now you can replace your kitchen faucet without any additional tools.

Remove Kitchen Faucet without Basin Wrench

Just make sure about your new kitchen faucet before installing the new one. Before getting started on our journey, prepare the below-stated tools. Removing the kitchen faucets without a basin wrench will become super easy for you. These tools are:

  • Socket wrench
  • Screwdrivers
  • Channel-lock pliers
  • A clean cloth
  • Water pump pliers
  • Sink drain wrench
  • A towel or a cloth

It would have if you kept a socket wrench in contrast to a basin wrench as an alternative. It would help if you also keep screwdrivers, channel lock pliers, a clean cloth, water pump pliers, and a skin drain wrench for your cleaning guides.


Five Steps Of How to Remove Kitchen Faucet without Basin Wrench for the new kitchen: 

In these first steps, you need to start from the supply lines of your kitchen. You need to maintain only five easy steps for doing this. These five steps are giving below.

Remove Kitchen Faucet without a Basin Wrench

Step-01: Turn off The Valves Of The kitchen And Locate the Water Supply line

Before starting, turn off your kitchen sink valves. I know it is crucial to do that. Suppose you have two valves, such as hot and cold. Consider turning them both off. Sometimes the hot and cold water supply lines are closed as a protective measure.

Turning off the valves may help to get over-flooded in your kitchen areas. You can place a bucket beneath for collecting the un-necessary water that might come out.

Step-02: Open Your Kitchen Sink’s Spigot

Sometimes your kitchen faucet may hold some air pressure inside. This kind of air pressure may get problematic for you. Open your kitchen sink’s spigot.

Let your spigot open to flow these air pressures outside. You will notice that some air bubbles are releasing after opening it. This work assures the tap will be lighter and more comfortable to remove.

Step-03: Disconnecting the Water Piping

Our third step is disconnecting the water piping of your kitchen sink. This task will divide into two sections. One is to remove water piping lines, and the other is to remove the faucet. A waterline is directly connected to the kitchen faucet. 

If you want to fix the faucet or install a new one, you need first to cut out the supply line. For cutting the water pipeline, use a pump pillar to detach it. Pump pliers work smoothly and are an essential tool that keeps you tension free using it while working. Next, pull out the water pump pliers to the waterline.

Carefully pull off each line of the sink. The consistency varies depending on the age of your faucet. You should do this task with intense care as some parts are getting damaged. Either use an adjustable wrench or channel lock pliers to disconnect water supply lines. After removing the water lines then go through the next steps.

Step-04: Disconnect the Water Faucet Morning Nuts / Screws

Our fourth step is sometimes getting so irritated. It’s just because the faucets are made of steel. And the water contains minerals. Minerals are responsible for blocking or rusting the mounting nuts. To avoid this, you should use some penetrating oil or some grease on the mounting nuts.

You should wait for 10-15 minutes to smooth out the process. Morning nuts are used to secure the faucet sink. Now unscrew the nuts and remove them, which are holding the faucet together. It is better to use a socket wrench for doing this. 

Do not pressurize it more until the faucet gets broken or damaged. Use a screwdriver in contrast to a twist if your faucet has screws.

Step-05: Disconnect and Remove the Kitchen Hose 

At this stage, you have to disconnect the nuts and screws from the tap. Keep them safe, and then disconnect the sink hose. Wear gloves and check the condition of the faucet. Suppose your kitchen faucet is looking so dirty. 

Now it’s time to remove the kitchen faucet from your sink. Please place it in a safe place if you don’t want to remove it for a while. We then divided the parts from the faucet. And remove it one by one. It will make your work easier and faster.

After removing them, clean them gently. You can use some grease or oil to lose things smoothly. Use it again in your kitchen if it looks so good. In that time, you have to install it again after cleaning all of the parts. Install them one by one in a pattern of mounting nuts, water lines, and valves.

You can use a putty knife to lose it gently. If your putty knife becomes so sticky, you can use a plastic putty knife or any flat scraper. Plastic putty knives or scrapers will help to lose the faucet. It will prevent the faucet from any damage and scratching. After settling the tap, clean it with a wet towel or cloth.

You can use a tile cleaner for doing this task. After following these steps, reconnect your kitchen faucet and check its suitability.

Three Steps of How to Remove Kitchen Faucet Without Basin Wrench for Old Kitchen: 

On these above steps are applying for your new kitchen sink. Sometimes it will vary depending on different types of faucets and how old your kitchen faucet is. However, now I am including three methods along with other steps for removing the older sink faucet.

Don’t worry; you can do it without using any basin wrench again.

A Kitchen Sink in a New Countertop

Method-1: Use Two Big Coins for Removing Kitchen Faucet

You can remove the kitchen faucet on these tricks if you don’t find any basin wrench at home. You need to follow two steps.

Step-1: Turn off the hot and cold regulator

Before removing your old kitchen faucet, you have to turn off the regulator first. Some kitchens have one regulator. And some others have two. So, turn it off.

Step-2: Then collect two coins 

Your money can make your task more exceptional. You can easily remove the old kitchen faucet by using two coins. All you need you have placed two big size coins on both edges of the nut. Then grasp them with your middle and index finger knobs for pressuring the nuts.

Next, curl into a required way for untying the nut.

Method-2: Use a Cable Tie Or Zip-Tie 

Cable ties or zip ties are more useful for removing the kitchen faucet comfortably. To do these tricks, you need to tie the required nut to one of the pins. You are then untying the pins. Now regulate the nuts to reach the hold-up mid of the pin’s crown.

Now, get another nut and tie it so that these two bolts can joint together. Be assured to attach these two nuts firmly as your desired way.

Method-3: Use a Vessel Tape to Remove the Faucet 

Take a vessel tape and split off the piece only 10-12 inches long. Then cut down the central portion to get two 12-inch duct tape ribbons. Let past one strip on the side that is not sticky. Now connect the nuts after covering both parts of the strip.

We left some extra strip gagging 6-8 inches long. Press it firmly to make sticks to the nuts, and then pull the ducted tail’s extra strip. Turn it into the way for requiring to release the nuts. Now, it will be easy to detach.


Basin wrench is necessary equipment for every plumber for plumbing tasks. So, removing the kitchen sink faucet without it not a sky-high dream either. So, use an alternative way to remove the spout by following the steps mentioned above.

We hope, how to remove kitchen faucet without a basin wrench | a few simple steps are now clear for you. You can solve this problem by yourself by following these easy steps.

These indicated three tricks are more effective for solving your problem literally. You didn’t need to hire any professional plumber. However, these skilling tips are approaching to give your task at DIY effects. Make your work more strategic and comfortable.



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