Essential Cookware for Small Kitchen – tips for beginner

Essential Cookware for Small Kitchen – tips for beginner

The good thing about having a small kitchen is that you can simplify your cooking process effortlessly. All it takes are some essential cookware pieces. Of course, some essential cookware for a small kitchen can be good-quality pots, dishes, and skillets. And they can be any other related tools for preparing delicious food.

This article will introduce you to fourteen essential cookware for your small kitchen to make your cooking easy. Check the following cookware to manage your tiny kitchen like a pro.

14 Essential Cookware You Need to Cook in a Small Kitchen


A small kitchen can be quite a blessing. You will find that your space is sufficient to fit all your essential cooking pots and pans. The only problem you would face with a small kitchen is a lack of storage space for storing utensils and other equipment for preparing food. 

Invest in good-quality cookware pieces like saucepans, skillets, or other related accessories to solve this problem. These will help you prepare tasty dishes quickly without working hard.

A Good Quality Pot

A good quality pot is the first and foremost essential cookware for your small kitchen. This will be used for all your cooking needs, from boiling water to preparing curries or anything else you want to prepare in the kitchen. In addition, there are so many brands on the market available today. That’s why it can be pretty overwhelming which one to pick. 


Some of the best ones available in the market include Utopia Kitchen, Calphalon, and Le Creuset. They are known for providing excellent quality cookware at affordable pricing.

Frying Pan

The next essential is a frying pan. You can use it for any cooking purpose you want to use. You can prepare eggs, steak, fish or even pancakes from it. If you are going to buy an extra one, then make sure that the size of the pan is quite big enough to accommodate all your food as well as water in it.

A Good Quality Saucepan

A good quality saucepan will be used for preparing sauces and stews.

There are many brands available on the market today, but if you want a good quality saucepan, go for All Clad. They are known for providing excellent cookware at affordable prices with great designs and impeccable performance.

A Smaller Mixer


If you have a small kitchen like mine, I suggest buying a smaller mixer. This will let you prepare pasta dishes much faster than usual. It also saves space on your kitchen countertop since there won’t be any need for a giant mixer.

A Dutch Oven

You’ll need a dutch oven to prepare foods that need intense searing followed by slow, even cooking. For example, it is perfect for Carne adovada, pot roast, or barbacoa that rivals Chipotle’s. Additionally, it’s useful for green pepper, hearty escarole and barley, corn soup, and soups with spicy pork. 


Dutch ovens are excellent for making chili, including the finest chili ever and chili con carne in the Texas way. So you might refer to it as a chili maker.

A Smaller Food Processor

If you want to add a food processor to your small kitchen, I suggest buying a small food processor. This will help you prepare your dishes within a little time. Furthermore, it also saves some spots on your kitchen countertop.   


There are so many brands available in the market today that it can be quite overwhelming to choose from. Some of the best ones include KitchenAid, Cuisinart, and Hamilton Beach. They are known for providing excellent quality cookware with great designs at affordable prices.

A Good Quality Blender

The next essential is a good quality blender. It is used for mixing ingredients like smoothies, sauces, and even soups. If you want an extra one, go for one with multiple functions, just like the NutriBullet or Ninja Master Prep Professional Blender. 

a good quality blender

You can use this blender to make your favorite smoothies in no time and prepare all types of delicious recipes, including soups.

A Wok

A wok is an excellent addition to any kitchen. This utensil can prepare delicious Asian dishes, stir-fries, and even noodles.


I suggest you go for the best quality wok available in the market today, such as Farberware Classic Stainless Steel Wok. They are known for providing high-quality cookware at affordable prices with excellent designs.

A Large Stockpot 


A stainless steel stockpot works great for simmering and keeping boiled foods warm while they are still edible without spoiling them too much on the outside and within their structure. 

Convection Toaster Oven 

If you want an extra oven for making cookies or cakes, go for one with convection technology. This way, you can bake all kinds of baked goods like bread, cakes, and even pizza recipes faster than usual without having to.


Rimmed Baking Sheets and Cooling Racks 

A rimmed baking sheet works well for many oven jobs, including roasting a full chicken or turkey and crisping up a tray of potatoes, cookies, or broccoli. They are affordable, strong, and lightweight. 


Please bear in mind that the pans and racks used for meats and veggies tend to get a little worn out, so you’ll want to keep a separate set on hand for high-temperature baking and roasting.

A Large Casserole Baking Dish 

A larger casserole dish works well for both tableside cooking and serving. Because of this, a good baking dish should be both functional and appealing. However, if it is made of high-quality nonstick glazed ceramic, it will not only heat food evenly but will also retain the heat, so it is still hot when served.


A Nonstick Skillet

A nonstick skillet is one of the most important tools in a small kitchen. It will definitely make your life easier by saving time and energy.

You can also use it to prepare different meals like making pancakes, frying meat, stewing, or even boiling eggs. Most importantly, you don’t have to worry about cleaning this skillet because it’s pretty easy to maintain. 


Simply wipe it with a dry cloth when you’re done cooking, especially if food particles are stuck inside. The only thing that might take time is seasoning the pan, as you may need to repeat the process several times until you get rid of all traces of rust or stains left after cooking.

An All Purpose Chef’s Knife

Quality matters more than quantity when it comes to knives. One top-notch 8-inch kitchen knife can handle all of your slicings, mincing, dicing, and chopping needs.


A high-end chef’s knife will live to have a chef’s knife who is beginning to hone their culinary abilities due to the comfortable and non-slip grip. You should keep your knife sharp to extend its lifespan, so you should also wish to buy a sharpener.


  • What’s required for a small kitchen?



Seven essential kitchen appliances for a small kitchen are as follows.


An overhead drying rack for your sink.

A portable coffee maker.

A wall-mounted food vending machine.

A set of nesting mixing bowls.

A knife holder with a magnet.

A cabinet shelf that can be expanded.

A group of food storage containers that nest.


  • Which cookware is ideal for regular use?



Easy to Use – The simplest cookware to use is nonstick. You don’t need any special cooking skills to take a nonstick pan up and begin using it because food is repelled from the pan due to its unique covering. Food easily rinses off of nonstick cookware with very little effort on the part of the cleaner.

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This article introduces you to some essential cookware for small kitchens. You can choose your necessary cooking items from our above-mentioned tips as a beginner. Furthermore, essential cookware will make your cooking super easy and organized. Have a great experience in cooking. Good luck. 



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