Our Privacy Policy:

The privacy policy was produced to help anyone bothered about how their “Personally Identifiable Information” (PII) is employed online. As specified by US privacy legislation and information security, PII is data that can be applied to recognize, contact, or track down an individual person or find a sole person in context, on its own, or in union with additional details.

Please look through our privacy policy attentively to determine how we fetch, use, safeguard, or handle your personal data on our website.

Kitchenstaraccessories.com follow all kinds of rules of GDRP and CCPA.

What kind of personal information do we receive from customers who access our website or use our app?

Visitors to our site do not provide us with any information. Or additional data that will assist you alongside your direct observation.

When do we start gathering data?

When you enter our site, authorize a newsletter, book, order, bow to a survey, sign a form, open a Support Ticket, or enter data on our site, we gather information from you.

Feel free to report to us what you assume of our products or services.

What will we do with your information?

We will employ the details we receive from you when you access our site in the ways described below.

  • To customize your trial and offer you the content and product options you are involved in.
  • To drive upgrade to our website to produce better performance for you.
  • To reply to your customer service requirements with efficiency.
  • To run a contest, promotion, survey, or other feature on the site.
  • To handle your transactions soon.
  • To investigate service or product ratings and reviews
  • After finishing the writing, follow up with them through live chat, email, or phone inquiries.

What procedures do we have in place to keep visitor information safe?

Your data is protected by secure servers. Only a few persons with exclusionary access to such systems, who are committed to retaining the information private, have access to it. Furthermore, any tremendous information you enter is guarded by promoting Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology.

When a consumer is booking order and filling up their personal information, we apply various security strategies to safely retain their personal data.

All negotiations are controlled by a third-party gateway contributor and are not kept or refined on our servers.

Do we apply the use of “cookies”?

Yes. “Cookies” are the tiny files that are carried to your device’s hard drive (if allowed). It permits our site’s systems to acknowledge your search engine and capture and recall information. Cookies, for example, help us in getting and altering the commodities in your shopping cart. They’re employed to aid us in discovering your interests on the basis of earlier or ongoing site work so that we can provide superior offers to you. We employed cookies to gather mass site visitors and interaction statistics to better future site adventures and features.

Cookies are used to:

Assist you with remembering and processing the things in your shopping trolley.

Recognize and remember the customer’s choice for the next visit.

Keep an eye on the commercials.

Put together mass data about site visitors and reciprocal action shortly to provide better site experiences and tools. We may also enlist the help of trustworthy third-party firms to keep track of this data on our behalf.

You have the alternatives to possess your device to notify you in the future when a cookie is transmitted, or you can shut off all advertisements. This is done through the medium of your search engine’s settings. Because all search engines are a little different, ask your web browser’s Help Menu to discover the ways to modify your cookies correctly.

If visitors disable data in their browser, the following will happen:

For example, if you disable cookies, some of the site’s functions will be disabled.

Disclosure to a third party:

Do we distribute the data we fetch with others?

Your name, address, city, town, phone number, and email address are shared with third parties (such as delivery firms and payment gateways).

If you opt to pay with a credit or debit card, payment gateways will additionally record your card information.

This is something we do because:

Note: We have a contract with third parties (to whom we pass your data) that states that after a set period, all of your data will be disposed of at their end.

Links to other websites:

On occasion, we can add or offer third-party commodities or services on our site. These websites have their own privacy policies. As a result, we disclaim all blame or liability for the activity or content of these websites. Nonetheless, we strive to maintain the site’s integrity and welcome any input on these issues.


The Google Advertising Principles summarize Google’s advertising requirements. They’re promised to provide the users a good time. https://support.google.com/adwordspolicy/answer/1316548?hl=en

We employ Google AdSense advertising features on our site. Adds/ cookies are utilized by Google, a third-party provider, to deliver adverts on our site. The “DART Cookie” permits Google to deliver ads to our visitors on the basis of their previous visits to our website and other internet platforms. Visitors can opt out of applying the DART cookie by browsing the Content Network privacy policy & Google Ad.

We have applied the below-stated features:

Using Google AdSense for remarketing

Impression from the Google Display DoubleClick Platform Integration Reporting

Interests Reporting & Network Demographics Together with third-party traders such as Google, we mix information about visitor’s connections with ad revenue. However, their ad service technology is related to our site by using first-party cookies (the Google Analytics cookies). It also applied third-party ads (the DoubleClick cookie) or other third-party prefixes.

The California Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA):

CaliOPPA is the first state law that approved the publication of a privacy policy on online services as well as on commercial websites. The law’s reach extends far beyond California, requiring any person or corporation in the United States (and maybe the world) that maintains websites collecting information to comply with the law.

California users’ Personal Information displays a prominent term of service on its website, saying absolutely what data is being fetched and shared with whom.

We accept the following, as per CalOPPA:

Visitors have the choice of paying a visit to our site anonymously. We placed A link to this privacy policy on the beginning of our home page, or at the minimum. The word “privacy policy” is posted on the page mentioned above.

Any changes to the Privacy Policy will be notified to you:

On our Privacy Policies page, you’ll find more information.

Adapt your personal details as follows:

Log in to your account to change your personal data.

Do we accept third-party behavioral tracking?

We accept detectable tracking by third parties.

Questions and comments:

We appreciate your privacy-related comments, questions, and concerns. Please email us any feedback, whether it’s about privacy or anything else.

Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA):

The COPPA provides parents with charge over the purchase of personal data from children under thirteen.

According to the COPPA Rule, website operators and online services must protect children’s safety and privacy online and are imposed by the (FTD) Federal Trade Commission, the United States’ customer protection agency. Therefore, we do not market directly to youngsters under the age of thirteen.